Friday, April 6, 2018


By Laura Medina

It has been rumored that Canadian designer and British royal ladies' favorite, Erdem is designing Meghan Markle's bridal gown for the big day.

We all can't dress like Meghan or look like her but we all can wear Erdem's Strange Flowers Collection for NARS.  This is NARS' nod to spring, appropriately in a lady-like way, an antidote to Coachella's hippy-dippy desert sex goddess, not that there's anything wrong with that.

But Erdem's lady-like nod represent a lady's transition from free-spirited single-hood to being inducted into one of the world's most exclusive families and the society they uphold.

Plus, this makes for a great mother & daughter gifts for Mother's Day, hint, hint.

Instead of the fantastical and outrageous, NARS' Erdem Multi-Use Highlighting Pen is innovative as it is subtle.  None of that glitter stars and rainbows.  It's sparkle for grown-ups.

You know it's ladylike when they tossed in a packet of blotting paper to mop up the excessive "glow" of oily sweat.

 ERDEM FOR NARS STRANGE FLOWERS COLLECTION is the makeup for prim and proper Spring and Summer garden parties, than letting it all out in the desert.

Don't worry, there are multitude of festival makeup but this one is for the preppy set with style. Those are far and few in-between.

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