Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Style Fashion Week's Coachella Raving Party at Ruben's Ranch Artist Retreat & Neon Garden, where the Freaks are Friendly & Accepting to Fly Y'all's Freak Flag.

By Laura Medina

In keeping with the tradition of Coachella's insider, exclusive, side parties and community regulations, Style Fashion Week threw their Coachella party at the eccentric and artistic but massive Ruben's Ranch, http://rubensranch.com/

During the day, it's all about "think out of the box" health and wellness by Tantris Yoga, https://www.tantris.com/, Russell Simmons' music-meets-yoga (he's a yoga practitioner)-meets holistic wellness/beauty.  Ideal for Coachella's traditional embrace of nature by second and third-generation hippies, Woodstock with money. 

This is the "Tantris Tent" for yoga and well-being.

With gradually legalization and acceptance of marijuana as a relaxation and wellness ingredient, Ganja Goddess Getaway https://www.ganjagoddessgetaway.com/#hear-from-uswas a perfect fit for Tantris Yoga and Ruben's Ranch's remoteness.  Sexual awareness as health and wellness through marijuana, align itself with yoga during the day, so you can prep for all-night rave rager.

Dusk Till Dawn saved the best for last.

The party officially open at 10pm but the party didn't start until 12 midnight until the sun rises at dawn.  Get it? Dusk Till Dawn.

There were fire-artist abound. 

There were fire-eaters and fire acrobatics and fire dancers.

Say what you will about "freaks" at Coachella or the "freak" entertainers and performers.  Those so-called "freaks" are exceptionally talented and absolutely daring and highly trained in the art of fire.  It's stunt work, not made for idiots, the half-hearted, and the mediocre.

These fire performers never failed to disappoint and they always had these jaded party guests awing in awe.

There were real musicians and singers, such as Chanel West Coast.

The DJ has ramped up to performance art when KryoMan http://kryomanofficial.com/showed.

Not just mere dj-ing, KryoMan danced while shooting pistols of liquid nitrogen that's very welcomed on a hot, desert night.

Guest quenched their thirst at the Rancho Grande Café main bar.

Guests took refuge from the blowing dust, heat, and the elements inside the huge lounge, with a bar of course.

The unofficial/official Coachella party dog roving and roaming around, looking for guests to pet it.

Mini bars dotted the retreat complex.

There are two smaller cafes both serving tacos.

The real necessary luxury needs are milkshakes, like these toffee vanilla and chocolate milkshakes, out in the oasis or farm field by day.

Ruben built real bathroom with an outside lounge and playground from discarded fast food playground equipment.

The well-lighted neon night garden were real eye candies for the guests, highlighting desert beauty.

Dusk Till Dawn was a raging rave of a raver's dream, the original mission for Coachella's Gen-X founders and first set of fans.

This is was a real Coachella party that keeps most folks as mythical folklore and hearsay.  

To quote Harry Hudson, if you're lucky enough to be invited to a Coachella party, you're blessed.

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