Friday, September 29, 2017

Fenty x Puma Fans Cheerleading in Full Force at Madison's Beverly Hills, the Real Fans, Fenty on Fire.

By Laura Medina

When attending fashion design school, one can't help but be immersed and being ahead of the curve.  A new classmate exclaimed this school is a Puma school.  Sure was...and is.

Rihanna Fenty injected some new blood into Puma for today's current crop of fashionistas, stylistas, and influencers,

Madison's Beverly Hills continued the celebrating Fenty X Puma that ignited at New York Fashion Week then continued here.

It's one thing to have models strut and march down a traditional catwalk.  It's another to have real-life, flesh and bones die-hard fans groove in the collection.

This pop-up in the parking lot was Beverly Hills' hottest and most exclusive party of the night.  Anyone wearing their Fenty x Puma, was flying it proudly.

The current collection everyone was wearing is this Fall/Winter 2017 varsity-prep inspired College collection.  Of course, sporty for both the street and the courts.  Athleisure for the hippest and the hottest.

There's nothing like a hip hop singer and her back-up dancers putting an outfit through it's paces, best to fully show what it can do, in luxurious weave and better tailoring yet comfortable enough to get your groove.  Isn't that the goal of athleisure as the new wave of daily style, currently representing what this decade wants.

The DJ and fans fully grooving in this color block track jacket or in...

Can't never beat a classic black and white combo, it makes the most audacious tailoring wearable, even for a Gen-Xer.

These are Rihanna Fenty's Fenty x Puma's hard core fans, cheering her on in her Puma clothing.

Feminine and sporty and oh so functional, zippered Maxi Sweater Dress.

Most likely to break the rules, Rihanna returns as PUMA Creative Director for her third season. The latest FENTY PUMA by Rihanna collection takes classic school uniforms and dismantles them. Varsity jackets are reimagined with exaggerated dimensions. Sneakers meet stiletto heels. Preppy meets provocative. Unexpected cutlines, premium materials, and chenille patches abound.

Continuing where Juicy Couture left off, athletic track suits jazzed and sauced up in better tailoring in luxurious fabric weaves and knits, Rihanna Fenty as Puma's Creative Director makes working out in the Winter hot in Fenty x Puma's collegiate Varsity Fall/Winter 2017 collection.  Not just kids.

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