Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Eddie Vedder Ringmastered the Second Year of Dana Point's Ohana Music Festival, Where Gen-Xers Teach Their Gen-Z Kids How to Rock.

By Laura Medina

Now that Coachella has grown into a glamourous bacchanal for today's single and mingle, affluent "Sex and the City" set with corporate style and pampering lounges catering to their wants and needs,  the Ohana Music Festival for the Gen-Xer who ignited Coachella, in the first place, but out-grown it yet they want to rock...but with their Gen-Z kids. 

Still Gen-Xers, these parents want to teach their offsprings how to rock right, in a much softer environment.

With Coachella veteran, Eddie Vedder makes sure it's "Coachella on the Beach," while raising funds for San Onofre Parks Foundation and the Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association. Partying for an environmental cause.

Coachella pretty much sets the bar for all other music festival to follow...

Of course, Ohana Music Festival's VIP gauzy tents have the best stuff, right on the beach, next to crashing waves,

Remember, the Ohana Music Festival is an environmental fundraiser.  

1 VIP admission ticket to OHANA Dana Point on the day of your choice
1 VIP admission ticket to all 3 days of OHANA Dana Point
  • Dedicated VIP entry into OHANA Dana Point
  • Exclusive VIP Laminate
  • OHANA partnership gift bag
  • VIP seated viewing platform in the VIP
Access to OHANA Dana Point VIP Lounge, which includes:
  • 4 Drink tickets (valid in VIP lounge only, 21+ and over) / per day
  • Live Streams of Music Stage
  • Comfortable lounge seating with shaded areas
  • Cabanas and hammocks to hang out and relax in
  • Access to VIP Cash Beach Bar
  • Expanded Private Restrooms

  • Complimentary Bai and Bai Bubbles beverages
  • Complimentary Wahoo's Taco bar from 3pm-6pm
  • Sunscreen Bar provided by Epicuren Skincare.
It doesn't mean that the plebes with kids went without.

General Admission has plenty of cool, inventive food booths, locally sourced from  surrounding Orange County.  They even have corporate sponsors that are in-lined with Ohana's environmental goals. 

Krave Jerky debuting their new jerky sticks. 

Sambazon Acai for all-natural high.

Even Gen-X parents let off some steam with Angry Orchard Cider's Bar and Arcade for adults.

The entire weekend festival's line-up ranged from Gen-X legends such as TV on the Radio, The Pixies, and Social Distortion to Eddie Vedder hosting and headlining to ending on Haim for Millennials and Gen-Zers.

It's the Gen-X established legends that kicked off the festival on Friday's opening night.  TV on the Radio appealed to Gen-Z hipster kids and their hipster Gen-X parents.

This Pixies mixed their Nineties classics with fresh stuff...

Opening night topped off with Social Distortion, with Eddie Vedder jumping in for "Ball and Chain."

Social Distortion ended the night with their smash cover of Johnny Cash's "Wheels of Fire."

This is only the second year of Ohana Music Festival.  With VIP pampering lounging tents, appropriate corporate sponsors (approved by the Whole Foods set) and nice, clean food tents and games with plenty of port-a-lets, Ohana Music Festival is on a much more experienced, wise start from Coachella veterans who had out-grown Coachella's more "douchebag" elements but still want to rock in a much more decent, livable setting with cool, decent people, who want to rock then pass on that rock heritage on to the next generation.  This ain't no disco.

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