Monday, September 11, 2017

Strike When the Iron is Hot, Rihanna Strikes It with Fenty x Puma and Fenty Beauty, on Trend.

By Laura Medina

The Saturday before Rihanna's Puma runway show with daring dirt bikers, Sephora already stock her new universal makeup collection, Fenty Beauty,

Just in time for her Sunday runway show with Puma.  She's taking athleisure to the next level, a lifestyle brand for Millennials or healthy, trendy Gen-Xers, beyond spandex and lycra leggings and boob tube sport bras.

Clothing companies and brands are smart hooking with bonafide celebrities, as authentic influencers, feeding into their Millennial, Gen-Zers, and even much more loyal Gen-X customers.

If Snoop Dog's and Wiz Khalifa's runway shows for Joyrich and FourTwoFour, benefitted from their hip hop concerts, modeling the clothes, as art performances targeting their audience as customers, then Riri x Puma's runway just built upon that concept then amped it up a notch.

Opening with stunt dirt bikers doing flips mid-air, leaving conventional fashion designers and runway shows in the dust, making the jaded fashionistas snoozing while those same fashionistas' jaws dropped with the first flying biker.

Proving that athleisure is a practical, realistic lifestyle, through design, Fenty x Puma proves there is more to athleisure than just a bunch of self-indulgent housewives and house husbands, Fenty x Puma used traditional weather-durable fabrics and tailoring to the bourgeoning Millennials who want to explore and ride beyond their skateboards and bikes and see the world on motorcycles or appreciate the more weather-ready but stylish moto-fashion.  Even scuba and wet suit material and tailoring made appearance in a revamped version of Bodysuit's Scuba Dress.

Rihanna is a trend because she repeat herself with debuting her new universal, peachy-nude makeup line, Fenty Beauty at Sephora.

Great she's thought of all her fans' wide-ranging skin tones.  But, what really is the kicker are the portable, sculptured contour brushes that can twist up and down then toss in a clutch.

She out-beat the guys in the fashion trend department.  We're happy to live in her world.

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