Thursday, September 21, 2017

Blackpills' "Super High," It's "Kick Ass" Empowered by Super Powered Weed.

By Laura Medina

In the opening scene of Blackpill's "Super High," the central protagonist (played by lead, Kev Adams) was en coitus with today's idea of the All-American woman who abruptly dumps and jumps off him, with him exclaiming, "I left my mother for you!" in French-inflected American English.

So begins the hero's journey.

After encountering a mysterious man in a nasty Downtown Los Angeles' alley way, the young Millennial, David (Kev Adams), took a puff on this stash of marijuana that he got from the mystery man, who warned him not to mix with cigarettes, as a way to ease him being dumped and abandoned in a strange land, as a French man and as an horny Millennial in Millennial/Gen-Z Downtown Los Angeles.

His neighbor, Chopper (DeStorm "Storm" Power, YouTube star), invited him to an underground rave party in a Public Storage garage where they encountered a hot Millennial girl with brains, Faith (Sarah McDaniel, Playboy's first non-nude centerfold).

When cops busted this illegal rave, in a panic, David unleashed his new-found super powers from the marijuana by blasting away the cops, without laying a finger.

Awed and enthralled, David's new found friends take turns taking a took off the mystery weeds, where each discover their own individual super powers.

Faith can predict the immediate future to get them out of trouble.

Chopper has telekinetic abilities to move stuff with his mind and thoughts.

David has the most variety, from his own telekinetic blasts to seeing people naked, such as Chopper, much to his chagrin.

This is where "boobs with brains" Faith exclaimed that they should be super heroes, using their new found abilities for good.  Despite, the oxymoron of busting small drug dealers as their first crime fighting effort, knowing they get their powers from puffing on "super weed."
Hence the show's title, "Super High."  It's "Kick Ass" empowered by super marijuana.

Unknown to this crime-fighting trio, an corrupt cop is hot on their trail, hunting down that super weed.

Since the producing network platform, Blackpills (both US and France) is specifically a smartphone/mobile tv streaming that streams high-production tv quality tv episodes that last all of 15 minutes per an episode, this "Kick Ass with Weed," "Super High," is not only a big deal for a new way to watch tv on your phone, it's a big deal for it's French lead actor and French producer and director and international, cross-cultural production for a mass audience.

By showcasing the common interest among the French central character and his American co-horts, "Super High" is a trend where international production companies and established European actors expanding into the highly desirable American market and audience, in ways that both cultures' mutually understand: Young Adulthood, Coming of Age, and marijuana.

"Super High"s lead character, David, isn't ashamed to say that he's part French with a French mother and an dead American dad with an American step-dad, whose French mother still calls him, asking how's her baby is doing while he fights crime empowered by super weed...or trying to pick an American chick for causal sex.

The locale is very central and important to "Super High" plot.  Recreational and medical marijuana got legalized in California, central to the characters' super powers.  Just the act of gaining, much less smoking, marijuana, is enough to land the cast and crew in jail in France.  Blackpills cannot produce or film "Super High" in France where marijuana is very much illegal, according to "Super High" producer/director, French Edouard Pluvieux. 

To lead star, hot young French comedian/actor, Kev Adams, California is the land of Hollywood and Creative Artist Agency, one of the powerhouse trio talent agencies.  Growing up in France, to Kev Adams, CAA was the place where assistants get yelled at in that tv show, "Entourage."  He and Edouard are thankful that when they landed with CAA, CAA is their biggest supporter and cheerleader in this marijuana-powered super hero comedy.

For American YouTube celebrity, DeStorm Power and Playboy centerfold, Sarah MacDaniel, this is a big leap in their careers.

Despite Trump's anti-immigrant rant of job stealing and Brexit, this French-American Millennial cast and crew is charging ahead on international collaboration and producing on tv phone streaming that anyone of any age can watch anywhere, anytime.

Blackpills is the leading light of television for the emerging 21st-century.

"Super High" will premiere September 25th on the Blackpills app.

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