Friday, September 1, 2017

Tyler Florence's & Wyclef Jean's Block Party, Los Angeles Food & Wine 2017

By Laura Medina
Tyler Florence hosting L.A. Food & Wine Festival, again.

This is Tyler Florence's second time, in a row, hosting the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival because L.A.'s food scene is on fire.  The city's culinary culture is warm and welcoming.  As host, Tyler thank them back with food; and him selecting A-list singer, musician, songwriter, and humanitarian, "Fugee-La," Wyclef Jean.

It was Wyclef Jean's catalog was the L.A. Food & Wine 2017 highlight.  Here's him playing a song he wrote for Carlos Santana, "Maria, Maria."

What is Wyclef singing a Shakira song?  Because, he wrote her first hit, "Hips Don't Lie" for her.

He did his Fugee's hit, their cover of Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly."

He, then, rounded out his concert with his newest, latest releases.

What about the food, the "meat and potatoes" of L.A. Food & Wine Festival? 

Tyler Florence's "Wayfarer Tavern" team doled out dollops of egg custard, back into empty egg shells, sprinkled with bacon crumbs.

This year's L.A. Food & Wine happened when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.  Each and every festival takes a year in a making, especially with A-list events.  It was serendipitous the festival sponsor, Lexus, decided to throw a Houston-like menu.  Yes, Houston has it's own slushie culture and the heat wave-striken Angelenos were thankful for the Houston's down-home delicious treat.  Yes!  Their slushie machine churned out frozen Strawberry Rose or "Frose" and refreshing Matcha Green Tea Mocktail slushies to recover.

Hungry Angelenos relish fried chicken sandwiches on puffy slider rolls and spicy fries fried in duck fat.

The Texan love is returned when carb and protein starving Angelenos lined up for Frito Pie neatly and thriftly served in real Frito Chips wrappers.

Of course, this being California and Tyler Florence's adopted hometown, the Monterey Bay Aquarium cafĂ© served a San Francisco treat, Hangtown Fry, fried oysters served in egg yolk custard, dusted with even more bacon bits.  Hangtown Fry is usually fried oysters mixed into an omelet, served with sides of bacon.

What people look forward to any California cuisine or L.A. Food & Wine is seasonally, locally organic ingredients turn upside-down through innovative techniques, such as using a sugar ice cream cone as a vessel for savory salmon sour cream mousse topped with a generous dollop of caviar, Californian caviar.

Basically, folks who fork over hundreds of dollar are hunting for trends.

Of course, you can't go wrong with a classic, Lobster Roll.

Tyler Florence with Wyclef Jean can really showed the City of Angels some love and throw down a really cool block party.

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