Monday, September 18, 2017

Trend Forecasting at Annual Ultra Gold Celebrity and Media Gifting Suite Pre-Emmy Suite, Giving Celebrities What They Need.

By Laura Medina

Awards Shows' gifting suites are great places for trend-spotting, seeing what consumers want and need.

Never leave home incomplete without your Eye Dope wear, like Corey Feldman.  They complete your style before you walk out that door.  Eye Dope was another product highlight as they brought wonderful models to show how a pair of sunglasses can complete that look we are all looking to do. 

Believe it or not, above-average tall men have a difficult time finding clothes that aren't too short on them.

Tall Order socks fits a basic need for tall guys.

They also make great knee highs for the girls.

It's a need, a greater need, not just an Hollywood need, custom printed labels to promote one's business...

Dom's Distribution is Hollywood's decent secret.  You ever wondered who labels these water bottles and other nifty, cute tchotchkes, kitsch, and bric-a-bracs that you end up using as useful souvenirs?

Dom's Distribution is the one behind those branded tchotchkes.  Having a custom-labeled bottle of water, promoting your company, organization, and event is easier done as said with
Dom's Distribution. 

Nominees who are nominated at the last minute, need to get camera-ready in a nanosecond.
Gifting suites are also pampering and style lounges where nominees can get ready in a flash, say with Cosmetic Laserworks Beverly Hills,

Believe it or not but New York Fashion Week attendees can take it, jaunting from one suite to another is glamorously busy.

Real Guarana from Brazil, Soda Bossa, is low in in sugar and sodium.  Yet, versatile enough to be a cocktail mix base...

Tuxedo Bossa

Are you a white Russian fan? Want something that has a rich sweet finish? Soda Bossa may have the drink for you.

23 oz Black Vodka
2⁄3 oz White Rum
23 oz Triple Sec
23 oz Banana Liqueur
3 oz Soda Bossa

Blue Bossa

Feeling blue? Soda Bossa loves rum just as much as it loves vodka, give it a try for a nice mix of tart and sugar.

1 oz. 151 Proof Rum
1 oz. Citrus Vodka -for extra zing, serve with a lemon or citrus fruit
1 oz. Blue Curacao
2 oz. Sweet and Sour Mix
1 can Soda Bossa

To keep the gifting suite tour jumping and fueling, Pizza Crek was also there, fueling attendees with crunchy wrapped pizzas and desserts, "Pizza Crek is Hot Pockets for Adults with Better Ingredients at Friendly Prices."

Gifting suites and pampering/style lounges are trends that will filter down unto the masses.
You hear it here first.

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