Monday, March 20, 2017

Athleisure Strides on with Adidas' Ultra Boost Sneakers, thanks to Refinery29. More than a Look, It's About Performance.

By Laura Medina

This is the second time in a row, in one week, that beauty and fashion runs in step with fitness and health.

It's more than appearances and look, and way more serious than "Instagram" frivolity, fashionistas...and beauty-istas realize that it is the inside that determines the outside, under increasingly a time-crunch world where speeding and dashing directly from the gym to the juice bar is the new reality.  For clotheshorse  fashionistas, it's about weight and fitting into those impossible minus size 0 sample clothes.  For beauty-istas, it's your guts and having the right minerals, antioxidants, and the right type of oils and fats to keep you radiant. 
The lighter the heft of a bag, the better.   This explains, briefly, the rise of athleisure.  This scribe, who used to be a boldbuilder/athlete/tomboy, applauds the new lifestyle and style.

So relieved that makeup has risen up with the athleisure fashion and lifestyle, this video tells you have to makeup-ready for Refinery29/Adidas Ulta Boost Sneak Run.  The foundation is the foundation you build upon.  You start with Tarte's TarteGuard 20 Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 Sunscreen.  Funny, this "moisturizer" is pretty light-weight and breatheable, important when you need to look good, while burning calories, without suffocating in heavy, clogging waxes.

Then you tie up your sweatproof makeup with Tarte's "think-ahead" Gym Bag Grabs Athleisure Essentials,  Rainforest of the Sea™ Quench Lip Rescue in Nude, and  Lifted™ Mascara in Black Brown, made with the hottest makeup ingredient, cocoa, not traditional tar or charcoal. 

Refinery 29 and Adidas took over a square of Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade for an opportune time to young fashionistas and beauty-istas to test drive Adidas' new Ultra Boost Sneaker.  This is also the start and end of a mini-marathon, a three mile run all over Santa Monica's fable Palisades Park.

They were kind enough and thoughtful enough to provide lockers to stash your valuables, so you can exercise with abundance. They let you try on the Ultra Boost Sneakers.  There is a reason fashion "flips."  It marches on with fabric and textile technology improvements.  Ultra Boost Sneakers aren't heavy. No leather. No suede. Not even canvas.  They're constructed out of tough mesh to let our stinky, sweating feet to breathe and cut down on bacteria.  The sneakers' "lip", the Adidas Primeknit upper wraps the foot in adaptive support and ultralight comfort; SOCKFIT upper for a snug, supportive fit.  In other words, the knit lip hugs the upper feet and ankles like a pair of socks, whether you tie or not, making it easier for slipping in and out of your sneakers.  This is how real ladies put on and slip out of their traditional sneakers.

In addition to the lightweight mesh body and the hugging lip, the midsole support bed supports flat feet with an extra bounce in your step,..comfortable and bouncy for that three mile run.

For those who are just happy with a short burst of a jog or a stride, Refinery29 and Adidas provided threadmills, so you can fall in love with those brand new Ultra Boost Sneakers.

Since is this also a Refinery29 event, it ain't an event unless something special happens.  Every thirty minute intervals, the Threadmill Dance Crew jumps on moving threadmills.  DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME!!!!  THE UNTRAINED AND ARROGANT WILL BREAK THEIR NECKS DOING THIS!!!! 

These are trained dancers-athletes.  What the Treadmill Dance Crew does, is not easy.  They have to be highly coordinated; and it's a teamwork of synchronization and quick, light maneuvers.  PLEASE FOR THE LIFE OF GOD, DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU WANT TO BE COOL TO IMPRESS THE LADIES...OR GUY.  YOU WILL HUMILIATE AND INJURE YOURSELF.  PLEASE LEAVE THIS TO PROFESSIONALS!!!!

Let's jump to the chase!

The fashionistas and the beauty-istas stretched and warmed up for the three mile run.

The first team run down to Palisades Park, towards the left then wrap around, like a flock of birds, back to the Adidas Workout Square.

Every quarter mile is that a mile-marker person to let them know they're on the right route.

The second team, which starts every hour, runs to the park, in the opposite direction.

People were refreshing and hydrating before then guzzling afterwards with help from Press Juicery, mixing up refreshing mocktails to hydrate and detox.

Fashionistas and beauty-istas can't thank Adidas, Refinery29, and Press Juicery enough.

Athleisure marches on, another step forward in fashion.

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