Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bromance Without the Douchebaggery, Joining Chris Soules, Robby Hayes, & Josh Murray at The Bachelor's Season Finale Viewing Party at Hollywood Park Casino.

By Laura Medina
Chris Soules, the considerate Good Ole Boy Farmer
Josh Murray, the Goofball
All-American Southerner, Robby Hayes

Hearts were still last night, when four Bachelors, Chad Johnson, Chris Soules, Robby Hayes, and Josh Murray join a mostly women audience at Hollywood Park Casino's "The Bachelor" Season Finale Viewing Party.

Shoot, if the "love of their life" didn't work out, at least these Bachelors are enjoying their new-found celebrity status, form their own bromance, while still hunting for love.  See, bromance doesn't have to be "Entourage" douche-baggery, or else, they wouldn't be on "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette."

Like any upscale Oscar Viewing Party, the 4 Bachelors did a Q & A during commercial breaks to answer fans'/audience's questions, wants, and desires.

Proving not all "Bachelors" are alike and that not all, every, and each Bachelors clump themselves together, these quartet talked about how they hated being lumped together with a guy, a fellow Bachelor, that they find unsavory.  These "Bromancers" refuse to associate themselves with this particular Bachelor.  So, if you don't find romance with these quartet, at least, they'll be good friends looking out for your own best interest.

The audience asked the fellows how their lives changed after "The Bachelor."

These fellas try to return back to normal life as much as possible, not only for their mentality but also, their own businesses and careers that needed to be tend to.

Robby Hayes, who lives in Atlanta, says he was at a mall to run errands.  After valet parking, someone recognizes him then started to chase him, forcing him to jump hurdles to escape to run errands.

Farmer Chris Soules says he's still a farmer; and running a farm is a family business that passes onto as his own.

After doing some computer work, he noticed a trio of women parked in front of his house.  Being a polite, friendly guy, he approached them then introduced himself, saying hi.  Two of the women were just happy  that he introduced himself to them, this was enough for those women to leave.  No harm done.

The third and youngest one stayed longer.  Eventually, she left too.

Once done with computer work, Chris was running errands until he noticed that third lady was also at the same stop sign/intersection.  He waved, being friendly then drove on straight.  But, he noticed that lady was driving towards his grandma's house.  Suspicious, he called his grandma.  That's when he realized that this young lady has been coming to his grandma a couple of times and was in the process of renting a house on his parents' land, so she can be closer to him.

He told grandma, "No. No. No."  He told her that this young lady was stalking him and please don't let her rent out the house to be close to him.  For Chris, that was a big no-no.

For ex-Marine Chad Johnson, he said he was still in the Marines when it aired and when he starred in "The Bachelor."

He said, as active duty Marine who is still stationed on military bases, Chad said it was pleasantly surprised, at first, to have military wives come up to him, gushing over him.  Then suddenly, it instantaneously becomes awkward when those military wives do it, in front of their husbands, fellow Marines like him, being surrounded by active duty Marine husbands.

Chad Johnson, "You see, a lot of military wives watch "The Bachelor."
He's a respectful Marine trying to respect boundaries.

Other than that, these quartet of Bachelors: Chad Johnson, Chris Soules, Robby Hayes, and Josh Murray are enjoying the reality celebrity ride, while still looking for love, just like everyone else.

Chris Soules, "There are worse things in life.  There are worse things in life to be doing.  I'm very grateful for having these opportunities," then he took a selfie with this scribe.