Friday, March 3, 2017

People Says She's the "Next Dakota Fanning." This Scribe Says She's the "Next Jodie Foster."

By Laura Medina
Co-starring with Kevin Sorbo in the tv series, "Sparrow."

Doing the usual track of child model-turned-child actor is well-worn and well-trodden by the likes of Lindsay Lohan, but Chalet Lizette Brannan took a different detour.  Yet, she wasn't deterred by the detour.

As usual, the worst emergencies happen when you are at your peak, at your hottest.

For Chalet, it happened when she did a brief but career-defining appearance in "Star Trek: Captain Pike," as a Vulcan girl.  That was she was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, one of the fastest growing human tumor, associated with impaired immunity and is rapidly fatal if left untreated.  If nipped in the bud with assertive chemotherapy, the patient will be safe.  This is what matters to her parents, but Chalet was really bummed it'll make her miss out on Star Trek.

But, she's a trooper.  Just out of chemotherapy, Chalet moved onto to starring in numerous sci-fi and horror films that most healthy kids, her age, can't tackle.

Her mom added, that Chalet moved onto her next acting gig, as they clip on hair weaves and wigs to disguise the chemotherapy baldness.  This shows how driven...and focus she is, what a trooper!

She's even in an horror movie so intense, that she's not allowed to watch it, despite being one of the stars.

After listening to her obstacles and her work ethics, she reminds this scribe of Jodie Foster, who survived cancer.

Recently, she made her official Hollywood debut at Roger Neal's Hollywood Style Oscar Viewing Dinner, with her "Sparrows" co-star, Kevin Sorbo. 

Poised and focused, she graciously present the ICON Award to Kevin then posed with him and the legendary Paul Sorvino, a tough girl between two legendary giants, who posed with ease.

Due to her illness, juxtaposed with her multiple acting opportunities, Chalet founded the Chalet Brannan Leukemia Foundation, Chalet Brannan Leukemia Foundation for other kids with Leukemia.

Folks say she's the "next Dakota Fanning."  With her experience and professionalism at such a young age, this scribe would say, Chalet is the "next Jodie Foster."

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