Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Roger Neal's Oscar Gifting Suite & Oscar Party are Classics Because the Logistics are Superb...As They Should Be.

By Laura Medina
Oscar Chocolates

Just a stone's throw away from Oscar's main red carpet conquering Hollywood Boulevard right now, as we speak, there are so many celebrities and industry folks, that Oscar's Day have to throw "satellite" parties, just as glamorous to accommodate them.

One of the best organized Oscar party, comes from industry veteran who got his feet wet, doing advanced public relations work for President Ronald Reagan, Roger Neal.

After years of doing advanced planning, he now represents the classics who become cultural icons. 

He gathers them, all under one roof on one night, Oscar Sunday with legends presenting the Icon Award to their peers.

Tippi Hedren's daughter, Melanie Griffith, presenting the Icon Award to her mom...

Alfred Hitchcock siren, Tippi Hedren, who unknowingly spear-headed the Vietnamese/Thai-Mom&Pop nail salon industry when she tried to re-locate and re-educated them with secretarial skills.  Instead, these refugees were intrigued by her professional manicure, because they never saw anything like it before.  So, Tippi brought in her manicurist.  Then, her manicurist taught and train the first wave of Vietnamese/Thai manicurists that led to the growth of Vietnamese-American Mom & Pop nail salons that under-cut the high-end salons with rock-bottom prices...and labor.  Tippi was astonish of the industry she unknowingly started forty years ago.  It only shows she has a good heart with good intentions.

This is why she deserves an Icon Award, dedication and generosity.

"Batman" star, Julie Newmar will also present the Icon Award to her "Batman" co-star...

Burt Ward, who also uses his celebrity legacy for charity work.

"Hercules" Kevin Sorbo will also be presented with an Icon Award.

With years of experience, it's very smart of Roger Neal to do his Oscar Gifting Suite during the day of the Oscars then do the Oscar Party at night, all at the culturally significant Hollywood Museum, which used to the original Max Factor makeup factory, the original makeup for the stars, way before MAC or Smashbox.

G.M. Collins Skincare is going to be at the Oscar gifting suite that day.

Lorimar Wines will be there...as usual "the elevator bar."  This is very nifty of Roger, using what is best about a venue.

Since this used to be a factory, a makeup factory, the cargo elevator is spacious enough to be dressed up with a fully-functional, fully-stocked bar of whatever cocktail and wine you want to quench your Oscar day and night thirst.

Once the formal, black-tie, sit-down Oscar Viewing Dinner party commences, each chair at each table will have their own chocolate Oscar Statue as a dessert souvenir.

Efficient yet elegant, Roger Neal's Oscar Gifting Suite and Dinner Party is a standard-bearer, not a faddish one-off.

You can always rely on Roger.

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