Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day Should Be Couples' Therapy, Everyday.

By Laura Medina

Valentine's Day highlights couples, actually.  Singles have the whole year to themselves, however they want to live it...or without it.

Once coupled because, the harsh reality, they can't afford the wedding or they spent all their money on the wedding and the honeymoon.  Now, they're out on their own, back to living in their studio apartment, saving up for that mythical house, by slurping up ramen noodles.

Coming from NBC News and Lifetime Network, Playboy TV's Director of Programming and Casting approaches the hunt then sustaining of relationships through an anthropologist/sociologist's point of view.

She admires Playboy TV's mission statement, "No violence towards women."

Instead, she takes the network's "sex positive" statement and uses it to study human behavior then uses it to improve couples' sex lives while being honest about it.

Being also the Casting Director, she makes sure she cast realistic "real" people, "People are not Barbie and G.I. Joe/Ken dolls!"

Using real people in the network's documentary-styled reality shows with improvement tips, makes the shows more approachable to be more useful.

From the guys behind "Taxicab Confessions," comes "Brooklyn Kinda Love."  It is the real "Girls" meets "The Real World" in a realistic "Friends" setting, without that artificial Hollywood casting...With it, Emmy nominations in Reality Show/Documentary category for them.

The cast resembles the real Brooklynites because they are authentic Brooklynites that one sees everyday in Brooklyn.  It's "The Real World" without the closed doors, warts and all honesty in starter bedrooms with starter bed sheets in starter apartments with roommates in budget-friendly outer boroughs of Brooklyn, the authentic "Friends."

Thanks to the Director of Programming...and Casting, Playboy TV is becoming more approachable to real couples in all forms, shapes, and colors.

Another approach to couple's therapy, especially when one's health declines with age, is one developed by women gynecologists, Fiera.

Developed for aging couples who need to extend their fading marriages or for the newly widowed or the newly divorced, back on the age-appropriate singles market, Fiera, at that stage of life, is more of an health and well-being that one used to have, way back when they were at their youthful peak, twenty to thirty to forty years ago.

Since Valentine's Day is smack dabbed in the middle of Winter, our tush is dry and chapped.  Let this whipped, fluffy, and light body cream soak in, enriched with:

Guaraná: Supports natural circulation, boosts energy, and smooths skin; contains five times the caffeine of coffee.

Cupuaçu Butter: Full of fatty-acids, phytosterols, and polyphenols to lock in moisture and help restore skin’s elasticity.

Açaí: The antioxidant powerhouse packed into one superfruit helps keep skin looking and feeling young.

Coconut Oil: Melts easily into skin to soften, condition, and moisturize.

No, this is not an "enhancement aid device."

It's a Charm Opener that works and unlocks Pandora bracelets and their charms.

If you can't bear the thought of being romantic with your spouse because it's past its expiration date and you two are still too poor for a divorce, it's far cheaper to be considerate and buy her a bracelet and the charms for under $150.

Show you're still considerate to her by buying this charm opener, so she can pile on those cute charms, in lieu of divorce papers.  When that split does come, that Pandora bracelet and those charms and this opener will be easier to divide.  This opener only costs $25.

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