Friday, February 17, 2017

Grammy Parties 2017 Round-Up, Whole Planet, Gnarls Davidson, Ray J & Makeup.

By Laura Medina

Reluctant Apostles at OHM Nightclub
Renee Marie performed at the fundraising benefit to provide interest-free micro loans to people in Third World Countries.
Celebrities like James Kyson from "Hawaii 5-O" partied alongside musicians for the Grammys.

Musicians make a lot of sacrifices coming up the ranks.  Most starve through-out the year.  For the lucky few, some of them, jokingly, "sing for their meals."

At least, they're honest, so are Louisiana's Pre-Grammy Brunch because there's always someone from Louisiana being nominated in the Grammys.  Too bad they had to cancel their brunch this year, due to the tornadoes.  Hearts go to them, good, friendly folks.  "Classy Charleston" can learn a thing or two about down-home hospitality from Louisiana, ranging from Cajuns to Creole.

But there's one Grammy tradition that came through last week, Whole Planet Foundation's Pre-Grammy fundraiser or Pre-Grammy parties.

Once they lined up their musical performers, they already got the hormone-free, organic produce (Whole Planet Foundation is Whole Foods' fundraising/charity arm), Whole Planet Foundation's Pre-Grammy party is ready to roll!

Busting against stereotypes and clich├ęs, one side of the buffet table is lined, up and down, with hormone-free, organic meat. Juicy roast beef sliders, lamb skewers, and turkey patties.  Can't forget the vegans, starting from the gourmet, flavorful, gooey, crumbly cheeses, is the vegan side with the faux meat and hummus and grilled vegetables...for everyone and anyone.

After all that savory deliciousness, guests got to even out their sweet tooths.
The dairy-free, gluten-free, and probiotic-rich prove you can have all your sweet tooth with antioxidants and nutrients.

Forget weird, artificial energy sodas, guests party well into midnight until 2am, slurping up Acai smoothies and bowls. 
Vegans got their Rocky Road too, with Nada Moo's pure coconut ice cream.
Lifeway Kefir Yogurt debut their ice cream sandwiches and ice cream floats.

Whole Planet Foundation proves you can still be a kid, an healthy kid. Not bad at all.

Since this is the celebration of the Grammys, Whole Planet Foundation's Pre-Grammy party has and had Grammy winners and nominees perform, such as St. Cecilia's.


He may creeped out James Corden on Grammy's red carpet, that's he's unrecognizable, but this is CeeLo Green's new persona, Gnarls Davidson.

Knowing he'll never escape Gnarls Barkley and he gone far too gone from his Goodie Mob roots, Hip-Hop performance artist, CeeLo Green transforms into Gnarls Davidson.  No different from David Bowie, whenever he needs to re-invent himself for a new release.


The Grammy Awards show, itself, wasn't the only party that night.

There were numerous.  A couple of nights before, there was OK! Magazine's Pre-Grammy party at Avalon in Hollywood then there was Gnarls Davidson's very own Grammy party there on Grammy Sunday, where he debut his first single.

A knowing joke on Hollywood fame and popularity, "F**k Me, I'm Famous," a video populated by hanger-ons playing that game and the winner winning it then joking about it.

Eighties' logo brand, MCM is getting back into the music game by releasing their MCM-stamped scooter with Ray J's help at Neiman Marcus.

You can copy Grammy's looks cheap and affordable...

Classic Cat Eye and Nude Lips
Adele, Halsey, and Katharine McPhee went classic with a cat eye and nude lips. Get this look with Palladio’s Fifty-Fifty Cat-Eye Liquid Liner + Smoky Kajal ($15) to perfectly define that cat eye, and finish it off with the Double Agent Lash Extender + Undercover Fiber Booster ($12) to get those major statement lashes. Then, tone it pair it with a perfectly nude pout with Palladio’s Velvet Matte Lip Color ($7) in Sateen.

Forget smoky black and nudes and browns to be edgy.  Real edgy is the unexpected...

Smoky Red
Tinashe and Lea Michele added some edge to their smoky eye using red and pink tones. Get the look with Palladio’s Crushed Metallic Eye Shadow ($6.50) in Supernova, and finish it off with Immortal Kajal Lasting Cream Eyeliner ($6) in Royalty.

So Californian, So Southern,...

Beachy Waves
Maren Morris, Rihanna, and Demi Lovato rocked the natural beachy waves last night on the red carpet. Get the look with Keratin Complex’s line up of styling products and tools. First prep the hair with Thermo-Shine Thermal Protectant Mist ($21) to smooth out frizz and deliver a shiny finish, then add volume with Vita Volume Boosting Foam ($25). Use the Transformer Interchangeable Styling Rod ($169) to create those undone beachy waves and finish it off with Flex Flow Flexible Shaping Hair Spray ($25) for a light hold

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