Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Quick, Efficient Oscar Beauty Prep...

By Laura Medina

Industry folks know they're at the finishing line, with the Oscars approaching...fast.

Yes, the glamorous life of constant, non-stop tv/movie/music celebrations are fun as hell but they're equally exhausting and time-consuming.  Yes, poor us.

Here are a couple of efficient, effective last-minute beauty tools and treatments that suddenly erase those pesky black bags and wrinkles around the eyes, the first real sign of fatigue...and for fast, smooth skin.

When introduced to Patchology's Energizing Eye Patches, the physical thrill of actually feeling the improving sensation of waking up your weary, delicate eye area was a thrill.

Once you peel the re-usable eye patches, you look and feel awake.  One night of sleeping condensed into 20-minutes whatever, a nap or typing away to rsvp at the last-minute.

Bags be banished, you're ready to face the world.


Women's peach fuzz, is different from men's stubble, due to gender and hormones.

It's not shaving with DermaFlash.  It's exfoliation.  Don't worry, no harsh, rough, not thick steel rods of hair re-growth.  Due to female hormones, the facial hair re-growth is slower, softer and slight.

It's not straight-up shaving.  With the DermaFlash, it's contouring at an angle, following the face's landscape.

Having personally experience DermaFlash exfoliation, it was difficult to notice the regrowth.  It was slow, light, and soft.

It's a new type of exfoliation.

This is the speedy, last-minute beauty prep for the Oscars.

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