Thursday, June 16, 2016

This isn't Mom's Day. Give Dad Adventures on Father's Day.

By Laura Medina
Urban Golf

Dads don't care about ties or bouquet of flowers.  They're men and they want action...or release tension and stress...legally.

Get him off the couch, passively watching sports, then get him into action!

The over-looked Urban Golf, across from Los Angeles' largest Equinox, will get him swinging out of the gym rut.

Conveniently tucked and discreet on the outside, inside it's part  high-tech golf lab and mini fitness gym, offering a complete, top-performance fitness through golfing, without taking up too much space or green.
Allen Berg Racing School 

If driving way above 55 mph charges his adrenaline, enroll him into Allen Berg Racing School where they teach him, or anyone, how to drive Top Gear without smashing into anything.
Carmel Valley Ranch

Okay, we're on a trip to get dad's inner Walter Mitty out.

If he dreams of being a cowboy, but softly with gourmet meals and wines to match, get him on that horse at Carmel Valley Ranch.  He'll be gentleman rancher on Father's Day.

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