Thursday, June 23, 2016

"I'm Good," The Mowgli's were Good Rockin' at The Troubadour...While Flavor of India Fuels Rockers Next Door. Great Summertime.

By Laura Medina

For the past decade, the music emitting from the Golden State had been less than golden, reflecting the environmental, economical, and generational transitions, progressing from what it means to be Californian and others' perception of what it means to be "Californian."

This music freak had witnessed the dark dystopia of worrying Californians of what will become of them in the new century and millennia.

 The Mowgli's rocking at The Troubadour.

One can be dark only for so long.

Out of the doubtful darkness comes the lightness of California Sunniness. 

The dark rockers of System of  A Down and Kasabian, were replaced by popularity, by Fritz and the Tantrums, who burst out of the scene with sunny pop, ironically singing about heartbreak and the relieving release from it.

The sunny California Pop of The Mowgli's, formed by the easy-breezy 60’s Laurel Canyon folk sound and the innocent Beach Boy sugary-pop has been transformed for the 21st-Century, addressing today's millennials values and concerns and the tenacity of accepting of what is today.  

Out of the recession and the housing crisis, comes a new breed of positive tenacity, that comes from no matter how bad the situation, you'll come out through okay.

Tunnel-vision drive has been replaced by relaxed but no less lazy enthusiasm. 

The Mowgli's bright enthusiasm from their "Freakin' Me Out," emerging out of daily disappointments, had a jam-packed concert hopping on their feet and bopping their heads.

The Mowgli's millennial self-acceptance of "If you don't like it, then tough," is reflected in their Power Pop Positivity of coming through alright, no matter how bad the situation.

Their June concert at The Troubadour was appropriate for their crowd-pleasing "Summertime."

You can pull The Mowgli's through dark times but with a beam of sunny disposition from their "Bad Dream," The Mowgli's and their legion of Millennial fans will come out of that dark tunnel, just fine.  They're continuing the mythical yet simple Californian tradition that driving in a convertible, with the top down, in good weather, is a simple cure-all to all your problems.

Prior to any concert at The Troubadour, it's a ritual for any rocker and their fans to fuel up the Indian restaurant next-door, The Flavor of India.

The Pom-Poms, the Mowgli's opening band, were chowing down their dinner before they hit the stage for an energetic set.

It's a modest chain of a mom & pop restaurant offering basic, down-home Indian cuisine.

To newbies, this may be exotic but for Indians and Indian cuisine fans, the Flavor of India is mom & pop home cooking made available to the public.

Being situated next door to a influential rock venue has it's advantage.  The Chicken Tikka Masala is Dolly Parton's favorite pre-Troubadour meal before she hits the stage at the Flavor of India.

But this seafood-loving scribe opted for the Shrimp Tikka Masala instead.  Not a bad choice is the sweetness of the shrimp goes well with coconut milk and saffron in the tomato sauce.

The continuing thread of saffron coordinates well with the Saffron Rice side dish.  Once done with the shrimp, this scribe dumped the leftover Tikka Masala sauce over the Saffron Rice as next day lunch.

Another surprise extra-value dish is the chicken-stuffed Chicken Naan bread, India's answer to Pita Bread.

Unlike Pita Bread, you can stuff naan bread into a quick and easy meal unto itself.  This scribe took this home, too.

One reason this scribe got stuffed beforehand was before this scribe's appetite was spoiled by munching on these puffy, crunchy rice papadam chips.  They're the precusors to the packaged shrimp chips.

No room or time for a dessert, this scribe happily guzzled real, traditional Masala Chai.

Believe it or not, no sugar.  The ginger and cardadom flavored the chai, making it diabetic-friendly.

Just in case you want to spot your favorite rocker in an intimate setting and you need something fun and affordable, chow down at the Flavor of India,, next door to The Troubadour.

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