Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Celebrities are Rock Fans, too. Ricky Schroder Enjoys Catching Chris Daughtry at AT&T AUDIENCE Network's Summer Concert Series.

By Laura Medina

AT&T, the phone/internet provider has jumped into the cable/dish/mobile television network business.  They're also giving PBS' "Live From the Artist's Den," a run for their money, also, by their own concert series, AT&T Concert Series.

This lucky scribe was in for a treat to catch Chris Daughtry concert set.  Beforehand, while very patiently waiting, Mr. Daughtry joked around with this scribe, by asking her to join in a photo shoot at the studio lot.

Lo and behold, this scribe was pleasantly surprised by Ricky Schroder.  We were both standing in the back, catching Chris rocking on stage.

Yes, of course, he pulled strings to see his favorite rocker but this only proves celebrities are just like us.  They, too, are fans.

Another cool surprise was the Green Room Lounge where performers can chill and relax while waiting for the stage to prepped before the hordes of their most die-hard fans show up.

This scribe was amazed and impressed by this Green Room or what she calls, "the Chill Lounge," because that is what it is.

Grips are very ingenious but under-appreciated.  With canvas and clips and T-Stands, they ingeniously sectioned off the soundstage into a Green Room.

They installed cushy restaurant/lounge booths and tables, retro pinball and video arcade games from the Seventies and the Eighties, a bar, and illuminated cafe tables and chairs.

They even had stacks of pizza and boxes of cups and the basic staples of beer and water to replenish in-between shooting clips and warming before the concert.

Not bad living like a rock star, where even celebrities are just like any other fan.

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