Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer is Gonna Be Stinky and Sticky, Give Dad a Refreshing Spritz of Fragrance.

By Laura Medina

It feels good gulping down something fizzy and citrus inside.  What about the outside?

Givenchy's Gentlemen Only Fragrance, front by actor Simon Baker, such fragrance line.

Simon Baker personifies the modern gentleman with a natural, individualistic character and an effortless sense of style - the masculine ideal of the 21st century. Modest despite countless awards, discreet about his private life, he bears witness to the permanency of the gentleman’s eternal values: courtesy, elegance, sharp-mindedness and independence.

Breathe in for a moment and take a break. 

Leave the hectic life behind and indulge in an up close and personal journey through the city of Paris. Give in to its charm. Venture its cobblestone lanes, soak in the beauty of the trees in bloom and enjoy the unsurpassed uniqueness of Parisian architecture.

Fresh, casual elegance in a whimsical turquoise glass bottle, a pure burst of fresh lemon and Nepalese mint revive your senses while a charming heart of aromatic sage warm your soul. Finally, the noble elegance of Haitian Vetiver awakens your inner sensuality. Everywhere you go heads turn. Your carefree elegance is eternally.

The latest addition, the CITRUS AROMATIC WOODY Givenchy Gentlemen Onlyl Parisian Break is a limited edition fragrance in our iconic bottle featuring an illustration of the docks of the Seine in Paris. A burst of fresh elegance embraced by a sensual heart for the new Parisian Break Eau de Toilette Fraîche.  It's a CITRUS AROMATIC WOODY bottle of: Lemon, Nepal Mint, Sage, Vetiver, and Ambroxan.

Givenchy's Gentlemen line, Givenchy Gentlemen Only Casual Chic, is a fragrance version of a gin & tonic topped with club soda.

Casually Gentleman, anytime, anywhere.

Discover the new Casual Chic eau de toilette for Gentlemen Only by Givenchy.
A seductive fragrance for the easygoing gentleman. Fresh and relaxed for a casual chic allure.

Being a true Gentleman is a way of life. Classic, assertive and witty, every Gentleman possesses the utmost in good taste and an impeccable sense of style… but every Gentleman needs a little downtime.

The Casual Chic Gentleman reveals his easygoing confidence with a relaxed, fun and laid-back attitude, while still remaining elegantly seductive like only a true Gentleman can. Woody and fresh with hints of fizzy spices, it’s a fragrance for the man who is ready to wind down and enjoy his time out.

Givenchy's Gentlemen Only Casual Chic is a bottle of Woody Spicy Fresh, swirling together: Fresh Spices, Birch Leaf, Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, and Ambroxan.

The one that begun it all.  According to Givenchy, being a gentleman is all about attitude. It's a way of life. Gentlemen Only is modern, elegant woody neo-aromatic Eau de Toilette infused with rich green, spice and wood notes that exudes an unsettling sensuality. It's a fragrance designed for the modern-day gentlemen.
The original Gentlemen Only is as Woody Neo Aromatic:  
Top: Green Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Nutmeg, Birchleaf
Heart: Cedar Wood, Heart of Patchouli, Vetiver
Base: Skin Accord

For "Mad Men's Don Draper," a modern intense, woody-amber version of the original Gentleman Only fragrance, Intense is rich with audacious accords, pepper, and patchouli. Tonka bean and skin accord at its base makes Intense truly addictive and extremely sexy.

It's a Woody Ambery of:
Top: Birch Leaf, Trio of Peppers
Heart: Cedar Wood, Patchouli Heart, Leather
Base: Skin Accord, Tonka Bean

Men aren't going to quit speed and quality over luxurious.  They want all three because they value efficiency, as well as quality.

The sophisticated attitude and the jet-set life of the Givenchy Gentleman require daily grooming products that keep him instantly fresh and looking great at all times.

Givenchy All Over Shampoo cleanse the skin and hair while enhancing your fragrance ritual, apply the Gentleman Only All Over Shampoo to wet skin and hair and lather anywhere and anytime. Rinse well.

It's a Woody Neo Aromatic:
Top: Green Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Nutmeg, Birchleaf
Heart: Cedar Wood, Heart of Patchouli, Vetiver
Base: Skin Accord

Be the perfect Gentleman, anytime and anywhere with Gentlemen Only’s grooming products. Soothe and soften freshly shaven skin with Gentlemen Only After Shave Balm’s creamy, luxurious burst of fresh hydration that lasts for up to six hours. Then? accessorize your next hand shake with THE UNIQUE Gentlemen Only Nourishing Hand Cream. This lightweight, cool blue emulsion is enriched with moisturizing ingredients formulated to repair and revive dry hands at a moment’s notice.

Each product is sized for travel and perfect for everyday use. So tuck them both in your briefcase or gym bag for a quick, clean, pick-me-up, anytime and anywhere.

A gentleman is ready for anything, anywhere, and anytime because a gentleman can adjust to any situation effortlessly with anyone, among any type of people.

Which makes it a great line for jet-setting actor Simon Baker.  This is why he's the brand ambassador.

Original Penguin's newest scent, Premium Blend, is an icy, fresh aromatic fragrance that opens with a burst of crisp bergamot, fresh lime peel and wild spearmint. The heart of the scent reveals a sea splash accord, Mediterranean rosemary and violet leaves. The long-lasting trail of fresh musk, driftwood and earthy vetiver polishes off this cool, refreshing scent—uniquely refined and undeniably addictive in a frosted glass bottle designed by master perfumer, Harry Fremont.

Influenced by a vodka bottle, it's an icy refreshing blend of: the top notes of bergamot, fresh lime peel, and wild spearment then blooms to the marine, green middle notes of: Mediterranean rosemary and violet leaves. 

Again, it's another "cocktail as fragrance."  Just don't drink it.

Best saved for late-night New Year's Eve or Awards Season for today's Don Draper-who might be a talent agent of manager, it's scent of power, passion, and performance, Perry Ellis RED packs a punch with its contrasting essence of freshness, oriental, and long-lasting masculinity. An initial burst of juniper berries and a kick of citrus evolve into deeper notes of red apple, sichuan pepper, red leather, and amber. The addictive trail of the fragrance infuses textured hints of sage, creamy oakmoss, and sandalwood revealing a fearless confidence and a sexy sophistication.

Here's your quick shopping list for Father's Day, even if he's a ladies killer.  But, look on the bright side this Summer, Givenchy Gentlemen Only Line and Penguin Original Premium are both "preppy" and fizzy enough to borrow from dad for your own refreshing "gin & tonic" freshening fragrance.



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