Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Nikki's Wives is Hitching a Ride on CeeLo Green's "Love Train" Tour While Learning the Ropes.

By Laura Medina
The official Nikki's Wives, left.  Right, Nikki Whitehead, Dylan Lauzon, this scribe, then Nate Baylor at Salt's Cure.

During a much needed respite from an intense day of a previous studio interview, Canadian alternative-pop trio, Nikki's Wives gladly swapped tidbits and tales in their sky-rocketing experiences, opening for CeeLo Green on his "Love Train" American Tour.  

Over refreshing beers and lemonade and Grapefruit Pie, these young Canadians notices the subtle nuances that separate America and Canada,..

"The portions, here in America, are twice the size as Canadian portions.  While we're touring and enjoying America, we have to eat half then take the rest on the tour bus to save for later."

As for touring with and opening for CeeLo Green, Nikki's Wives is so grateful for the opportunity, since they're relatively a young band.  They know most bands just starting out, don't have this fast but high-quality opportunity to jump right in and learn.

Sure, the pace is hectic and crazy but they still remember, vividly a year ago, they were all freezing in Toronto, hashing out their first songs for their first EP in a Canadian winter.

Now, they're enjoying chilled IPA Beer, fresh lemonade, and Californian Grapefruit Pie in a sunny, warm California afternoon in an hip cafe, Salt's Cure, in the heart of Hollywood.

As for the sudden, crazy, over-whelming pace of touring with CeeLo Green, Nikki's Wives owe up to it because this is something they wished so hard for, during those freezing Canadian winters.

They're insightful enough to use opening for CeeLo as an one-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity.  Plus, being in CeeLo Green's tour bus is way better than touring by themselves in a van.

Speaking of insight, this scribe noticed their break-out single, "Lonely Being Cool," offered an honest commentary on fame, popularity, and Hollywood.  A very keen observation from a very young band.

They wrote "Lonely Being Cool" while they played 2016 Victoria's Secret Leather & Lace Superbowl Parties.  They watched the stratified layers between the non-celebrity industry guests and the VIP celebrity guests.  They made this funny comment how the non-celebrities were kept separated from the VIPs, while the VIP celebrities wish they were mingling with the non-celebrities.

This scribe noticed the depth of the lyrics and the quasi-soul/New Wave music; and if "Lonely Being Cool" was what got CeeLo Green's notice.  Nikki's Wives said both they and CeeLo share a love for the pioneering Prince, who busted then melded pop, New Wave, Soul, and Rock into an unique blend that CeeLo Green is carrying on.  Hopefully, they'll learn from CeeLo, with gleams in their eyes.

Them breaking-out may be intense but Nikki's Wives know they're lucky to have a good team behind them in their debut EP.

Other than CeeLo taking them under his wings,  "Lonely Being Cool" is mixed by Matty Green (The WeekndTaylor SwiftEd Sheeran) and produced by Alastair Sims (Walk Off The EarthThree Days GraceRush).  Their "FOR E*V*E*R" EP, just released this month, is a pop-inspired experiment featuring Nikki Whitehead's smoldering vocal style floating over vintage synths and faux brass.

Despite the long drives touring, the long hours rehearsing for two-hours shows, and not knowing what awaits them at this journey's end, Nikki's Wives is enjoying the "Love Train" ride with CeeLo Green as their fairy Godfather, steering them in the right direction.


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