Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Locals' Delight, Lindbergh Boutique & Cafe where Fashion Meets Food, a Lifestyle Destination.

By Laura Medina

Miles away from the Las Vegas Strip and an universe away from the tourists, there's an hidden gem that is a locals' delight.

At the very end of Las Vegas' Western end, at the very foot of the Red Rock Mountains, is Downtown Summerlin.  Yeah, they know.  It's not your typical, old-fashion Main Street in traditional, older American towns and cities where parking is costly and difficult to find.

Over there, the parking is so vast, because it's so new, that shoppers rely on valet parkers to locate and retrieve their cars, or else, they'll get lost finding their cars.

Dig deep and you'll discover the most un-Las Vegas gem where the most unlikely mash-up occurs but is directing where fashion has to head, a lifestyle store, the Lindbergh Boutique and Cafe.

You heard right, an high-end fashion emporium with a full-fledge cafe where shoppers can refuel and recharge and relax after shopping or before shopping or during shopping.  It doesn't which phase the shoppers are in since the staff is so polite and so nice that they'll locate and shop for you while you're lounging.

There are some happy people there.   A pair of girlfriends laughing and lounging, sipping champagne in fur.  A boyfriend/girlfriend snapping photos of the cafe lounge.

For a fashion cafe, the menu and the food is pretty decent.  The cafe makes you feel pretty welcome.  Not only can you sip champagne, you can sit at the cafe order "Buy One Glass of Wine or Draft Beer, Get One for Free" at the cafe bar, watching TV while snacking and sipping.  No judgement here, just accommodations the best way they can.

For Breakfast, they have Texas Toast and Pesto Benedict: Poached Eggs, Tomato & Arugula, Smoked Salmon drizzled with pesto.  They even have their own namesake omelette, Lindbergh Omelette: Kosher Salami, Sauteed Spinach, Onions, Tomatoes, Avocados finished with a cheese blanket.

They also have crepes and smoothies.

For lunch and dinner, you can dine on Crisp Honey Roasted Wings, Tuna Tarter served with caviar, spring rolls, pizza, loaded burger, loaded hot dog, Croquet Monsieur, Bacon Grilled Cheese, Apple Brie Sandwich, and Peppered Bone-In Prime Ribeye, served with mushrooms, green peppers and corn on the cob.  During Spring and Summer, you can have Salad Nicoise and Spicy Honey Chicken Salad.

For dessert, they have French Macaroons, Chocolate Mocha Cake, Tiramisu, Flourless Chocolate Cookie, Lemon Chantilly, and Eclairs in three flavors: Chocolate, Pistacho, and Salted Caramel.

Whether it's freezing and snowing in at the foothills, you can Thai Tea Latte, Matcha Green Tea Latte, and Chai Tea Latte, hot and iced.  The Green Teas come in: Hojicha, Green Dragon, Marrakesh Mint, and Green Tea Tropical.  There are nine herbal teas, such as Ginger Twist, Raspberry, Organic Detox, and Chamomile Citrus, and Organic African.  Black tea in six flavors like Vanilla Bean, Bombay Chai, and Orange Spice.

This fashion boutique's baristas can squirt and mix you flavored coffee in Almond Roca, Coconut, Hazelnut, Peppermint, Creme de Banana, Raspberry, and Vanilla.  Their coffee becomes even more specialized with Hot/Iced Illy Cafe in Nutella Cappuccino and Latte and Cafe Mocha and White Mocha or Torani Caramel, Nutella, and White Chocolate Steamers, either Hot or Iced.

Lest that people forget because you're too busy having fun sipping and dining, Lindbergh is still a fashion brand and store.

For all you fashionistas and stylistos, whose heads are still reeling and spinning over a fashion boutique-cum-cafe, know that Lindbergh is a Danish menswear specializing in modern Nordic fare serving food and refreshments.  What is a Nordic sportswear company doing in Vegas?

What the tourists are ignoring is that it gets intensely freezing cold during the Winter as it gets burning hot in Summer.  Whatever they lack in massive body of water, locals make it up in hiking or horse-back riding in Spring then ski up the mountain during Winter.  Where this fashion boutique/cafe is located, it's convenient at the foothills of a mountain, locals' delight.

What a convenient and a wide, open market for Lindbergh's Nordic Prep, not too American, not too British, not too Alpine.

Their waterproof moto jackets and parkas, slim (not puffy) ski jackets, and Fair Isle sweaters are stylish ski gear hitting the slopes, which are next door.  This isn't the rugged final frontier, but a stylish set's secret. 

 Quilted Tweed Blazer.

While American Prep is stuck in wool Navy blazers and drab khakis, Nordic is functional as it is fashionable.

This fashion emporium is fully stocked with specialized clothes that can only be found at the emporium itself, not online!  So, take the time to really shop and discover modern Nordic Prep.

This scribe borrowed from the boys with this Quilted Tweed Blazer.  The Tweed weave in a classic blazer is hip for the streets but the extra quilted padding outside and inside is added warmth.  She'll be hitting the slopes in style then seamlessly slide on back to the streets, shopping and sipping.

Yes, where the Lindbergh Boutique and Cafe is located is the locals' idea of "Aspen Meets Vegas;" and that's how they want to keep it.  

For the newly arrived or just bored with the Strip, the Lindbergh Boutique and Cafe ( 702-240-1886) is located at Sahara Avenue & 215 Beltway, Las Vegas, NV 89135. Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm.  Sun: 11am-7pm  Lindbergh Cafe Site


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