Wednesday, January 6, 2016

From the Slopes to the Red Carpet, Winter Beauty for the Golden Globes.

By Laura Medina

From the ski slopes to the red carpet in a week, Smashbox Shock Me Pink Be Legendary Lipstick is creamy enough to double dab as a creamy flush blush when you need color yet it's classically pink and glamorous enough for the fast-approaching Golden Globes this Sunday.

 LIT NYC Holiday Lights Duo ($15; CVS)

Behind every actress nominee, there's a makeup artist/stylist constantly fussing over her with quick dabs in-between camera flashes.

This ruby red lip gloss is holiday enough for Christmas/New Year Eve's and it's red carpet enough for the Golden Globes and the rest of Awards Season, which is right now.

What makes this gloss nifty is that one of the sides of the tube is a mirror.  What makes this gloss better is that the cap has a press-on button on top where the light bulb is insert inside the cap, where you can turn on the lighted applicator to see better in re-applying your gloss inside a darken nightclub, a dark theater, and during an awards show.

Mistletoe Kisses LED Lit Lip Gloss and Nail Polish Kit is a great kit for Awards Season.

Whatever is good during the flakiness of Winter is good enough to gently wipe that red carpet makeup every night, this is where the classic Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Soap comes in.

In a generous 16 oz. bottle, this pampering, creamy yet light on the oil, formula gently clean and nourish the skin while swiping away makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

It can tackle Winter harshness equally as well as the heavy red carpet makeup under the harshness of red carpet glare.

There's a reason why classics always hang around.


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