Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Golden Globes 2016 Beauty & Style Round-Up...and Nourishment During Golden Globes Week.

By Laura Medina


Today's actresses and starlets are today's new supermodels, in normal heights and normal builds, making them more approachable to their real female fans...and the real men who really desires them.

One actress striking when the iron is hot is Ciate London's Guest Creative Director, Olivia Palermo.  If there's anyone who knows the needs and the demands of the red carpet, it'll be Olivia Palermo.

Here are her Ciate London basics for last Sunday's Golden Globes...

Olivia, herself or her makeup artist, slicked on cat eyes/winged eyeliner with Ciate London's Chisel Liner in Black for $20, very approachable and very reasonable price point.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's lips were "suede," soft but matte in a mauve where nude meets rose in Ciate London's Liquid Velvet in Swoon for $19.

Olivia Wilde made her blue eyes even more "blue" with the Olivia Palermo x Ciate London Smoked Out Eyeliner in Fig for $20.

The purpose of a style and beauty suites and lounges the week before the actual televised awards shows is get the nominees and the presenters up and ready and polished in a jiffy...a really intense, turn-around, quick makeover.

For people who never give a thought about their appearances, now do and they need help-fast!

A style and beauty suite and lounge is also a great way to spot emerging trends that will hit the red carpet the next day or night.

They may not be diamonds but big, bold, baubles of sapphires, rubies, garnets, and emeralds are stepping for the diamond jaded.  We're not talking about rough rocks.  We're talking polished and smooth globes of gems, mini planets nestled in gold.

Caroline Neron can stretch her collection to the rock star Grammys with her dainty gems on leather necklaces and bracelets.


Stephanie Kantis went from one frying into another.

She quit her high-pressured company and assumed she'll retire into quiet serenity designing jewelry in Mexico.

Her handcrafted jewelry were such a hit that she unknowing started another hit company.  Before long, she in Golden Globes Week styling celebrities who are under pressure to get dressed-soon!

As luck would had it, this recent Golden Globes Week fell in right with the much prayed-for El Nino.

The British actors were joking they brought English weather with them to kick off the Awards Season.  So, it was cold, damp, and rainy.

Thank God, DPA Golden Globe Style Lounge provided nourishment to warm and sustain the soul while tackling emerging colds.


Guests, celebrities and media alike, welcomed sipping Amara Cameroon Boyo Arabica Coffee, light on caffeine and yet on the antioxidants, http://www.amaracoffee.com/


To pair with the steaming, hot cups of gourmet Cameroon Coffee, nothing goes better than Celtic-Canadian Tastes of Cape Breton Fudge in: Celtic Mint swirls, Breton Whisky (really handy to dunk chunks into coffee or hot cocoa to kill the cold germs), Highland Gold Maple for a yummy take on a coffee sweetner, and old fashion, traditional Highland Chocolate (this scribe would still dunk chunks in a mug of coffee).

An Awards Season/Show style and beauty suite/lounge is great place to pair new businesses with taste-makers hunting for that new style and flavor.

DPA Style Lounge was no different.  It was there that this scribe discovered this new Santa Monica deli, Carvery Kitchen, http://carverykitchen.com/index.php/our-food

Oh, bless their hearts to catering bowls of steaming soup and gooey warm sandwiches to fuel us on the style and beauty suites circuit on a rainy, cold day.  Their offerings are comfort food doing well-done.


Of course, a style suite ain't complete unless there's a beauty vendor.

For the second year in a row, Omorose Cosmetics is as cute and it is common sense.

Last year, this scribe had the perk to roll their Rosey Glow Lips & Cheeks ball on cheeks and lips during a last-minute birthday jaunt to Catalina Island.

This year, Omorose Cosmetics returned bigger with a bigger heart.

The lucky guests were treated to a complete 5-piece Stylish Gift Set: BB Stick SPF 35 for foundation; Rosey Glow in Radiant for cheeks and lips;  Satyn Superfine Finishing Powder Ensure powder in Diamond; Hypnotic Eyes Silky Eyeshadow Duo To be used together or separately, this long-wearing formula can be applied sheer or built up for a more dramatic effect; and Lip Dressing Vegan Lip Balm Apply directly to lips, can also be layered under lipstick or gloss.

The Friday before the Golden Globes on a Sunday, of course the guests were relieved they got a complete makeup set, all in one box, to get them ready for that big night...their very first big night.  But, there's a deeper meaning in the box's graphic design decoration.

A quadriplegic, a victim of gun violence, Miriam Pare, is the graphic artist who designed the cool, hip, feminine graphics on the gift box.  She paints and designs by her mouth on a computer screen and traditional canvas, http://www.mariampare.com/#!artist-statement/cp8

Other than getting panicky celebrities and nominees dressed and accessorized and polished in a jiffy (one year's work squeezed into one week), Awards Season gifting and beauty suites and lounges are an awesome fun way to discover the newest and latest in jewelry and eveningwear trends and foodie taste-makers.

There's ain't nothing like sipping on gourmet coffee and nibbling on fudge while trying on baubles of gems.

Hello Awards Season!


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