Monday, December 14, 2015

Xmas is the Best Time to Fire Up the Grill, Tastemade's "Grill Iron" Tailgating BBQ Party with the Cooking Channel.

By Laura Medina

The Santa Ana High School Marching Band kicking off Tastemade's Iron Grill BBQ Tailgating Party.

Proving that Los Angelenos aren't all stereotypical "raw vegans" and it's starting to get really cold and blustery..;and football season is fading towards the end..;and there are hardcore Angeleno football fans, especially between UCLA Bruins and University of Southern California Trojans.

Tastemade can't think of a better time (during Christmas season) to celebrate their mobile food porn app transiting to a real 30 minute television on the Cooking Channel, "Grill Iron,", where down-to-earth football foodies spotlight and highlight good cooking and darn good grill at tailgating parties at football games.  Being a foodie doesn't mean being a big city, urbane snob..;and foodies love football and the tailgating drinking and the BBQ grilling that accompanying any good game.  Without a tailgating party sans Bloody Marys, beer, and BBQ, that person ain't a good host.

Right in the middle of Christmas Season and Winter storms come a blowing, real Angelenos were thankful for warming up next to chefs grilling BBQ over open flames, the fresh Bloody Marys, beer, and an insane grilling with he-man blowtorch chefs, Fillrup LA,

Again proving Tastemade and the Cooking Channel are smart about synchronization in product placement that makes sense, one of their sponsors, Hyundai, showed off their fuel-efficient with plenty of trunk room hatchbacks, the Accent and the Elantra, to cater and host tailgating parties for "Grill Iron,"

Since BBQ and tailgating is primarily he-man partying, Tastemade invited the most masculine chef grillers imaginable, "mechanics" flaming cheesy Philly Cheese Beef topping on light, fluffy savory doughnuts, "Filly Tank,:Aged Sharp White Cheddar Foam, Torched New York Strip slices, Onion Puree, and Truffle Salt" topped and flambed on savory cream puff pastry, a savory, low-calorie, light doughnut...Fillrup LA,!food/c1jo3, Fillrup LA is a three-headed hydra of Los Angeleno hospitality veterans.

Fillrup LA took ultra-expensive gastronomy cuisine, such as Jose Andres' delectable but expensive Philly Cheese Puff tapas from Baazar then made them affordable to any party-goer who's willing to hire them as caterers and as red-hot entertainment.

Sure, the "chef mechanics"of Fillrup LA, may be he-men flambing toppings and pumping tasty, low-calorie foam fillings into puffy, airy doughs, but they're a kick-ass alternative to bimbo male strippers for any weight-watching girls-night-out party that wants to be fed by he-men who know how to cook.  Can't think of any more sexy than that!  Did this scribe mention their savory and sweet puffs and foam filling are tasty as they are low-calorie?

Tastemade "Grill Iron" guests got a kick watching them flambe and grill pizza, mozzarella foam, doughnuts, and their Cubano Tank doughnuts of guyere foam (their cheese fillings are low-calorie "foam," not calorie-laden sauces).

Don't worry girls, Fillrup LA "chef mechanics" thought of finishing off the airy savories with equally kick-ass sweet doughnuts: S'More cream puffs and Chocolate-Peanut Butter cream puffs.  Again, low-calorie as they are sweet.

Okay, let's get back for the real reason for Tastemade's "Grill Iron" BBQ Tailgating party, gathering the best of tailgaters and BBQ grillers for their version of "Top Chef Tailgating."  Guests will munch and sample four of the best tailgaters and BBQ around the country in one tailgating party then they'll pick the winner.

Each and every time Tastemade/Cooking Channel announce a competitor, the Santa Ana High School Marching Band plays a Top 10 pop song to celebrate them.

Angeleno Chef Jerry Su grilled Smoked Beef Short Rib.  Chef Brian Whittington from Jacksonville, Florida, did the best he can.  He replace Shrimp n' Grits with local Rice n' Shrimp.

Chef Josh Stockton, from Detroit, Michigan, BBQed Turkey Legs in Pork Fat Confit, resting on toast, slathered with more pork fat.

The winner was Chef Sonya Cote.  Her Texas Wagyu beef filet with crunchy charred on the outside and juicy pink inside.  She made a dressing out of BBQ Shrimp.

What's surprising during this first day of Winter in Los Angeles, folks were cleansing their taste buds with Paloma's Paletas frozen popsicles in vegetable, fruit, and dessert flavors.

Throwing a BBQ tailgating party is an unusual way to celebrate Christmas but on a cold, windy day, people can appreciate the heat of the grill best when we need hearty food the most...while toasting next to an open fire; and they love even better with a real, live marching band, just like rivals UCLA Bruins vs. University of Southern California Trojans.

Fight! Fight! There are football fans here in Los Angeles...and we like grilled food...and football.  Real L.A.  Fight! Fight! Fight On!


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