Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Foodie Fitness & Fitness Fashion for the Holidays, Aerial Air Fitness, Mighty Pilates, & Lanston Sport Activewear.

By Laura Medina


The holidays is when everyone is a foodie or dreams of being a foodie where sugar plums dancing in their heads.

For actual foodies, most are cultured.  Cultured enough to yearn to catch a Rockette Christmas show or a Cirque du Soliel show with acrobats and contortionists.  This is where foodies dream for flying through the air as aerialists.

Give gifts aplenty that are actually good...good enough to be selfish for you and thoughtful for others...and give them a gift of fun fitness.

If thoughts of flying aerialists are flying through your head, give a gift of AIR Fitness where they elevate yoga poses into a new atmosphere.

Once you find your center in those industrial strong swings, stretching out in full position at all angles adds a new dimension to your fitness.  Plus, it's darn swinging around like a big kid, spinning a spinning top.

Let it all hang out.


Since we're all busy, stressed out adults who need to let it hang all out, why can't we do it stylishly and sensibly?

Lanston Sport Activewear is another gym-to-streetwear jumping on the atheleisure market.  Who would had thought that hip gym clothes would be the fashion of the future?

Don't let the hip, casual appearance and ease of Lanston Sport fool you.  There are a lot of chemical and knitting technology in atheleisure.

The Double Layer Tank for extra bust support, the cooling from the mesh combo leggings and mesh sweatshirt, paired with high-tech black leather leggings, this is real futuristic fashion, straight-from-the gym-to-the street run errands then having a life.

Like Lululemon's upper-arm Kit and Ace (high tech cashmere clothing), Lanston Sport takes the same fast sweat-evaporating, comfy stretch knits then stretch them into dressier tunics, wraps, and pullover sweaters and tees...and toss in some sexy but comfy knit dresses to simply switch you from work-out to nights out.

If your fitness dreams are more grounded but you really to burn and firm those extra calories and you prefer to get your warmth from exercise, Mighty Pilates, http://www.mightypilates.com/santa-monica/

This isn't your grandma mat pilates or even, your mom's very strict and methodical reformer pilates.

Think of Mighty Pilates as a fun and light-hearted reformer pilates, an in-between transition between basic, boring mat pilates and the more intense, go-for-the burn Lagree Pilates.

If you huffed and puffed all you can on the mat but you ain't ready for the efficient but long, slow burn of Lagree Pilates, then Mighty Pilates is an happy medium for foodies who like to have fun while working up a sweat.

Mighty Pilates has the best-trained and most well-rounded pilates instructors.

They'll teach you how to run and jump on a reformer without breaking your neck.  They take those monotonous weight-lifting routines then add a swing to them on the reformer, giving a light but effective jolt to long-dormant muscles.

Just in time for Awards Season, post-holiday weight gain, Mighty Pilates will starting doing TRX with Tracy camp to rev up those foodie fat into muscle fuel, getting you ready for the red carpet.

Whichever fitness approach you pick, both Aerial Air (especially) and Mighty Pilates will have you dancing and jumping with joy...and it doesn't feel like exercise.

This is how foodies deal with all that glorious food and the fortune to enjoy them year-around, fun foodie fitness during the day so we can celebrate at night.


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