Thursday, December 17, 2015

Time to Party, Death by Unga Bunga & Sultan of the Disco.

By Laura Medina

"Cultures Collide" music festival was a three-ring circus of a music festival but the logistical placement at the very spacious lot of Traix French Restaurant (one of Los Angeles' earliest French restaurants) and a church, both on a roomy parking lot...with restaurant valet service, it was one of the best managed music party festival.

Spacious  Traix Restaurant has a banquet hall and a lounge bar and a roomy dining room where networking and deals can be made.

It was in the lounge bar that two bands stood out.

Norwegian band, Death by Unga Bunga chanted the holiday-appropriate "Lady Fondue," an ode to cheesy dipping sauce and gooey grilled cheese sandwiches.

Following them was the Korean funk band, Sultan of the Disco.  They would had made Niles Rodger proud, heavy on the funk and down on the beat.  They already party-rock  Glastonbury Music Festival.

These bands can get your calories burning.

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