Thursday, December 24, 2015

What The Arriviste Wishes for Christmas & Wants for the New Year, Jenn-Air Built-In Coffee System.

By Laura Medina

If you think having a Keurig coffee pod coffee maker is cutting-edge; and you assume installing a Top Brewer with the app is ahead of the curve (It's Like Having Starbucks/Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf inside your Kitchen Counter Top, Top Brewer Coffee Faucet., then you haven't seen the latest and newest in coffee-brewing. 

Unlike the Top Brewer, which has to been custom-built and designed and installed right into your kitchen counter, Jenn-Air takes "the barista in the kitchen" further.  They made it into a box that you can slide in and out like any microwave or toaster oven but still packed in the same top-shelf, multiple features.

Unlike most of the Keurig coffee pods, Jenn-Air Built Coffee System-and Top Brewer-enables you to use whole coffee beans.  It stores whole coffee beans to roast, grind, brew, then froth up cappuccinos, extract espressos, and brew straight-up coffee fresh from scratch.

Your built-in coffee system does it all – from storing coffee beans, to grinding the beans before brewing, to discarding the coffee-grounds puck into the grounds compartment – letting you enjoy barista-style coffee drinks with ease.

Hot Water Dispenser brews tea and preparse hot chocolate or any other drink that requires hot water.

Ground Coffee Compatibility
Enjoy the versatility of brewing coffee, espresso and cappuccinos using pre-ground coffee rather than whole beans if desired.

Whole-Bean Coffee Grinder Professional-style metal burrs help ensure reliability, optimal grinding performance, and exceptional coffee, espresso and cappuccino flavor.

Adjustable Grinder Settings
Occasional adjusting for perfect coffee-bean grinding is as effortless as turning the coarseness adjustment knob.
Adjustable Coffee Strength
Satisfy everyone's coffee-strength preferences by choosing from extra mild to extra strong.

Dual Dispensing Spouts
Dispense barista-style coffee or espresso for two with just one brewing.

Coffee/Espresso Brewing
Brew barista-style coffee or pull shots of espresso with perfect crema at any time, brewed to the strength and size of you or your guests' preferences.

Cappuccino Option Enjoy coffeehouse-style cappuccinos – complete with light or thick froth and perfectly tailored to your strength and size preferences – without leaving home.

Touch-Activated Control Panel Intuitive controls guide you effortlessly through the built-in coffee system's menu choices.

Dual Boiler
Two boilers help ensure an ideal coffee and espresso brewing temperature for perfect extraction and flavor.
Frothing System with Integrated Milk Container Brew coffeehouse-style cappuccinos and lattes, complete with light or thick froth, with this easy-to-use frothing system featuring a one-button cleaning process.

Serving Size Customization Match your guests' serving-size preferences, from small shots of espresso to large mugs of coffee.

Temperature Customization
Meet your guests' coffee, espresso and cappuccino temperature preferences by selecting from three temperature levels.

Coffee Measuring Scoop
Hidden away in a convenient built-in compartment, this scoop ensures consistent measuring should you choose to use pre-ground coffee rather than whole beans.
Water Reservoir With this easy-to-fill water reservoir, no plumbing is required during installation – letting you locate the built-in coffee system in any area of your home.

LED Lighting
Built-in LED lighting provides clear visibility and a refined appearance in any home.

Auto-Start Mode
Your built-in coffee system is ready for brewing the moment you are when you select this mode, which ensures the system is turned on and pre-heated at the time of your choosing.

Concealed Storage Trays
Hidden, easy-to-access storage is the ideal place to store bags of coffee beans or other coffee-related items.

Auto-Off Mode
Ensure that your built-in coffee system is on only when needed by selecting this mode, which turns the system off when not in use.

Cup Tray with Integrated Drip Tray Designed to catch drips and hold cups while brewing, this easy-to-remove tray adds to the built-in coffee system's ease of cleaning.

Descaling Mode
It's easy to keep your built-in coffee system performing optimally with this simple-to-use maintenance mode.

Easy-Access Component Bay
Accessing the internal components for cleaning is as easy as opening the door located at the front of the built-in coffee system.
Multi-Lingual LCD Display Select from 16 language choices for your coffee system's LCD display.

Pre-Heat Rinse Function
Preheat the coffee system's brewing unit or even your coffee cup so you and your guests can enjoy coffee drinks at an ideal temperature.

Statistics Function
It's easy to keep track of your built-in coffee system's usage statistics with this convenient function.

Time of Day Clock
A digital clock is conveniently located in the built-in coffee system's LCD display.

Water Hardness Setting
Use the included water hardness test strip to easily adjust your built-in coffee system for optimal performance.

"Fill Tank" Alert
With this alert, you'll always know when the water reservoir needs to be refilled without removing it to check the water level.

"Fill Beans Container" Alert
Ensure that your whole-bean coffee container is always filled and ready for grinding.
Removable Brewing Unit Maintaining your built-in coffee system is simple with this removable, easy-to-access and easy-to-clean brewing unit.
 Automatic Brewed Grounds Collection After brewing, coffee grounds are automatically compressed into a puck and emptied into a brewed grounds compartment for easy, neat, environmental-sound cleaning.

A Starbucks or a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf compartment that you can slide in and out with neat, easy cleaning, that's this scribe's Christmas wish for 2015.


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