Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Slipping Thru the TSA During the Holidays

By Laura Medina

Dreading the long lines at TSA screening?

This glam pro at flying has been putting these new items through their pacing recently for the holidays.

Friendly to the wallet, the required one quart ziplock plastic bags, and the environment (waste not, want not), just like the name said, Stowaway Cosmetics is about stash and dash for the real modern woman who needs decent makeup that cuts on space, waste, and expenses.  Stowaway Cosmetics is about half the size, half the price.

The stuff women use the most, the cheek and lip cream and the lipstick can be slip into your jean pockets without thought.  Making zipping through security screenings easier.

Hassled by zipping and unzipping or tying then untying shoes.  Wanting something more hip than flip-flops.

Native Shoes are slip-on sneakers with adjustable elastic tie bands for a better fit without the struggle.

At TSA screening, you can slip them off then on in a seamless move.

Olivia and Joy's Zap Zoom Tote is a better take on the '90's nylon Prada backpack purse.

It's a roomy tote in lightweight, sturdy, waterproof nylon in sexy smoky plum with beautiful rose gold zipper.

The tote has two handy zippered outside pockets for a smartphone  and Stowaway Cosmetics.  The two large zippered outside compartments are fitted for passport and other documents you need handy.

The interior has spacious inner main compartment with a padded side for a tablet.

 Olivia and Joy's Zap Zoom Tote is the updated nylon tote.

Performing an impromptu strip at TSA isn't cool for you or for the TSA security but you really want to look really effortlessly cool, "jet-set chic."

Maison Mere Cashmere's Open Cardigan Jacket makes you travel-worthy stylish and profession and warm without the bulk but still with the warmth, the comfort, and the softness of cashmere.

Thank you knitwear technology for knitting a sleek, stretchable blazer while turning a cardigan into a blazer.

Thank you, Maison Mere Cashmere.

This is how glam pro travelers jet set without skipping a beat or holding up the line. 

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