Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jewelry You Can Use & Calm You Down, BitterSweet Hair Tie Bracelets & Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Bracelets.

By Laura Medina


Stressing out on travel plans? Frustrated with the TSA? Bashing out your head for what to give?

Don't freak out in the last minute, these handy bracelets will make your life a tad easier, perhaps calm you down..;and that's the greatest gift of all.  Be considerate enough to lessen the load, so your love ones or yourself can actually enjoy the holidays.

Trying to burn calories at the gym or dashing about shopping for gifts and ingredients?

Make things easier by something so simple that's it's sensible.

BitterSweet Hair Tie Bracelets was born out of love...Actually, it was born from considerate observations.  The founder's husband love her long, lush hair but noticed it was becoming a hassle in exercising or running daily errands.  She had to make do with using her plain ole hair tie as a ratty bracelet for sheer convenience.

He did better then won her heart.  He molded and designed a decent, classy bangle that doubles as hair tie holder.

That's how BitterSweet Bracelets were born. Starting out at an affordable $45 to no more than $85, BitterSweet Bracelets can snap up for you and all your girlfriends.


Again, what was born as sheer convenience, Lisa Hoffman transformed her travel-sample skincare company to a solid perfume beads that can snake through TSA screenings without problems.

The scented beads calm your nerves while traveling.

The beads are discreetly housed in engraved basket baubles on semi-precious stone bracelets on a stretch band.

Lisa calls her fragrance bracelets as "perfume without the bottles."

She knows about aromatherapy in flight to calm your nerves.  She's Dustin Hoffman's wife.

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