Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Beauty that Doubles as Grammy Beauty & Style.

By Laura Medina

Since Halloween is the only time of the year where you go all out and unleash your inner-animal/god/goddess/alter-ego/rock star, why not investment in cosmetics that you can still rock during Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Grammy Week?

To supplement, "Rock Out as Your Favorite Rock Goddess or God for Halloween," and "Be a Disco Queen for Halloween,", up the ante with these accessories to complete and finish the look. 

Japonesque, that premium makeup brush and kit company, recently launch their equally but straight-up cosmetics line that professionals have been clamoring for.

This week, they premiered their new iridescent Pixelated Eye Shadow Palette that can be used dry for soft sheer wash of color and shimmer or used wet for a more opaqued glimmer (think of it as a grown-up glitter without the chunkiness) and as a really cool eyeliner.

This new Pixelated Collection represent Japonesque's new "4Ps:"  Performance, (color) Pay-off, Pigmentation (no chalky fillers), and Pixelated, as in pixilated like a butterfly's wings, using micro-glitter for a more dimensional look.

 To really get you in the mood to unleash your inner rock star, Victorine NYC is now offering Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll Fragrance Oil Trio. Victorine NYC provides a blend of confidence, sex appeal and relaxation all in one with the new fragrance oil trio. Created by NYC based wellness curator Victorine Deych, the Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll trio offer benefits far beyond your average perfume with rare notes of Mysore Sandalwood, Cannabis Sativa and Pink Grapefruit.
Every fragrance in the trio is a unique combination of multiple essential oils known to have their own unique aphrodisiac and healing qualities that can be worn alone or layered together for a slew of benefits:
  • Sex Can be used anytime you want to awaken your inner vixen and deepen your connection with yourself to attract whatever you desire.
  • DrugsFor when you want to relax and center yourself. Some of the ingredients are widely known for their anti-depressant qualities.
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll – Perfect for when you want to feel invigorated and energized. It’s especially great pre-workout or before a big event.  
If you’re wondering what sex in a bottle might be like, you’ve found it. With the sensual combination of Cedarwood, Mysore Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang blended with sweet orange oils, this scent pulses with life - the true reflection of bodily bliss. This oil can be used throughout the day to awaken your inner vixen and deepen your connection with yourself to attract whatever you desire.

There’s something magical about the forbidden. This dreamlike scent combines Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) seed oils, pure rosewood, black pepper, dark patchouli and holy basil oils. The spiced verdant bite of peppered rosewood folds into aromatic Holy Basil and patchouli, helping you relax and center yourself, keeping you satisfied and in the moment.

Recalibrate your senses and plug in to the inviting scents of Pink Grapefruit, Cardamon and Vetiver oils. The crushed burst of cardamom pods and dancing grassy vetiver combined with the combustible grapefruit will leave you invigorated and energized. We can all use the heady rush of Rock and Roll pre-workout, to jump start our days or even to ignite those intimate moments.

Victorine Deych is a leading New York City based wellness curator, specializing in; beauty, holistic nutrition, experiential retail, fashion and lifestyle. She is well-respected for her passion, style, unique creativity and progressive products. Victorine has the unique ability to fuse health and wellness with luxury, music and entertainment. She is a certified holistic nutritionist and self-taught fashion designer, determined to help people on their journey to a life well lived. Since the inception of her company Victorine , she has been combining her sense of adventure and expertise in all things holistic into products and experiences that engage the senses, most notably her trio of luxury oil products  Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll.

If Disney Princesses, naughty or nice, are more your thing or you're too scaredy cat to fully commit to a technic-color dye job, give Rapunzel of Sweden's wigs and hair extensions a try.

Either flip it on or clip it on, you can be Elsa or your favorite Glam Rock/Hair Metal Rock Star for one night only or as an one-night Halloween.

Bring your Halloween fantasies to life. 

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