Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"Getting Going Clear," Longines Master Grand Slam Los Angeles 2015 & Luncheon, It's Fall In LA.

By Laura Medina

A well-respected American horse trainer and equestrian informed the chicly-dressed Los Angelenos (not preppy equestrian styled) lunching during the final leap of the last and third leg of Longines Masters Grand Prix, "This is the equestrian version of Formula One."

After being acquainted with the equestrian world of polo through the nice folks at the Santa Barbara Polo Club and the Longines, for this scribe, this is more like a qualifying track and field World Games meet for horses.

This horse trainer and this scribe both agree, this is one of many steps, before qualifying for the Olympic team.

Longines was the Title Partner and Official Timekeeper of the Longines Masters of Los Angeles, held over four days at the Convention Center. This meeting inaugurated the newly named Longines Masters series, which combines the very best sports level with the most elegant lifestyle on a unique staging. The Swiss watch brand presented two highlights of the event, the Longines Speed Challenge, won by Ireland’s Bertram Allen on Quiet Easy 4 and the Longines Grand Prix on Sunday, claimed by Germany’s Marco Kutscher on Van Gogh. 

Longines was proud to support the Longines Masters of Los Angeles as the Title Partner and Official Timekeeper. This event inaugurated the newly named Longines Masters, a series combining the very best sports level with the most elegant lifestyle on a unique staging. During the four days of the event, the guests had the chance to experience exceptional and exhilarating show jumping competitions while also enjoying various social events that celebrated the glamorous Los Angeles spirit.

The four-days of Longines Master Grand Slam Los Angeles is now the new signal that Fall has arrived in the City of Angels.

It's full-fledged sporty preppy attire of streamlined trousers that can be neatly tucked into tall riding boots with sensible soles that can weather Fall and Winter elements of colder weather and grip whatever slush is on the ground, topped with breatheable, sweat-wicking polo shirts and quilted puff vests.

Some of the riders slyly wear wacky patterned knee-high socks with the latest sneakers for a natty, off-duty look.

It's time to pull away your flip-flops and pull on those boots.

The winner of the Grand Prix is Germany’s Marco Kutscher and his steed, Van Gogh.  They won the $450,000 Longines Grand Prix prize money by performing the best in show jumping.

Remember, it's still Los Angeles, aka "Hollywood," the entertainment capital of the world.

The brand also took part on Saturday in the Pro-Am "Style & Competition" for Charity, a class aiming at raising money for charitable organizations in a glamorous atmosphere. In this trial, each team consists of two riders, one from among the world's best professional riders and an “amateur”. This year, Longines was supporting Jane Richard Phillips and Hannah Selleck, who competed for JustWorld International. This institution, founded by Jessica Newman in 2003, acts as a catalyst for positive change in the developing world by working with local partner organizations to provide basic education, nutrition, health, hygiene, and vocational programs for children in impoverished communities in Honduras, Cambodia, Guatemala, and Colombia.

The equestrian charity, JustWorld International, raise money for poverty-stricken communities in developing countries through equestrian events.

They had fun in wacky and sexy costumes to lighten up the mood while using the prize money for this charity.

Longines saved the best for last, that third day of competition, the time-challenged obstacle course where the horse and the rider have to cleanly jump over hurdles, without knocking them off, for the fastest time, is when the die-hard fans have their luncheon.

Among equestrian fans, the phase "Going Clear" has nothing to do with Scientology, but doing the cleanest jump for the fastest time.

"Going Clear," can also best describe the elegantly gourmet and filling but very low calorie lunch, easier to ride a galloping horse.

The appetizer to whet the appetite for the three-course lunch is a Lobster Gazpacho with Barolo Vinegar.  Basically, it's chunks of lobster salad sprinkled with herbs, dressed with lobster bisque as salad dressing, poured out of a juice pitcher.

This scribe can't believe the main entree is filling because it's a grilled, herb crusted Hawaiian Ono Fish that is meaty and filling as chicken resting on a bed of lemongrass emulsion, dotted with edamame beans.

The dessert is a perfect "diet dessert," more palate cleanser than a decadent indulgence.

It's a diet-appropriate Mojito Sorbet, dolloped with Passion Fruit Whipped Cream, resting on a bed of diced Marinated Mango, decorated with crunchy tuile cookies.

Yes, it's Fall now in the City of Angels.

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