Monday, October 26, 2015

Be a Disco Queen for Halloween.

By Laura Medina

You don't have to reach far or staid and traditional or stale slutty for All Hollow's Eve, aka Halloween, that only time of the year when everyone wants to look like this jolie laid scribe.  That solstice when everybody wants to flip-flop into their alter egos, when blondes yearn and achieve to be brunettes, when conservatives unleash their inner freaks and beasts, when desserts are considered the main entrees, this scribe's favorite meals.

Style Week Los Angeles, the last leg of American Fall Fashion Schedule, unleash out the glam, specifically Seventies Disco Glam in all its silvery lame glory, to Andre Soriano.

To bad American Apparel is going of business, you may have to go to Andre Soriano for the drapey, the sexy but oh so easy flow of laminated lame and disco-ball sequin leopards.

The Disco Ball aesthetics may be outlandish for now, which makes it great to go as a Disco Queen for Halloween but it's better to hold on for next year's Grammys Week and as Spring/Summer 2016 eveningwear.

Speaking of Disco Queen for Halloween...

This current season of FX's "American Horror Story: Hotel," is a great inspiration for Halloween fashionistas.

Actually, it's great value.

Basic, the "Disco Queen of the Lair," attires herself in the finest of haute couture and ready-to-wear, giving you the excuse to build or use your existing wardrobe, as long as you have damn good clothes.

All you need is fake blood...make sure you're friendly with your dry cleaner...perhaps a mirrored glove with press-on silver fake nails...then, you're set to be The Countess, like Lady Gaga.

You don't have to stretch far to be fabulous on Halloween.

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