Thursday, October 22, 2015

Brentwood Beauty,, How Stars Really Get Good-Looking.

By Laura Medina

In a very prestigious nook of a neighborhood where low-key celebrities mingle with UCLA students and retirees, celebrities maintain themselves by going to to all-natural and fair COTE Nail Salon and thank god, Bluemercury beauty chain finally landed where they're needed the most.

Emerging under the shadow of the flashier Sephora, Bluemercuy Brentwood situated themselves next to SoulCycle where Christian Bale is rumored to be working out.

The Bluemercury Brentwood is the only makeup/skincare boutique with it's own spa, hidden in the back...convenient to SoulCycle.  If you or a celebrity needs a makeover and tune-up post-workout/pre-event, you can do it in privacy, away from prying eyes like the paparazzi.  

Of course, Bluemercury serves what Sephora underserves.  Surprising, it took Brentwood and Montana Avenue a long time to gain a decent beauty store...with it's own spa.

Again obviously, Bluemercy has what Sephora lacks...Trish McEvoy, the travel makeup pioneer with the Trapper Keeper of makeup palettes and kits.  Great for celebrities, makeup artists, and moms.

The Bluemercury Brentwood is tucked away at 1640 San Vicente Boulevard, Suite 108
Los Angeles, CA 90049, 310.442-5900.

The Bluemercury Montana Avenue is out in the open on 1402 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90403 310.394.7900

This former Charlestonian is proud that Charleston, SC got Bluemercury before the Westside did.  What took y'all so long?;) 

Now, those established celebrities can get what Charleston and Washington, D.C. have enjoyed all along.

Another hidden cove of beauty is the soothing, Nantucket-styled nail salon, Cote.

Worried about the chemicals and the treatment of nail salon employees...and the sanitary conditions, Mary Lennon and Leah Yari wanted a chic, clean, and comfortable nail salon where all you want and need is a nice and neat manicures and pedicures (basic for bare-footing pilates, yoga, and cardio-barre work-outs).  Not only do they want an open, clean spot for neat nails, they want respected nail technicians; and they want healthy nail polishes representing the "free of five toxins" commonly used in mainstream nail polishes. Cotes' own nail polishes are free of:  formaldehyde, phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde resin and camphor. 

This is where this wholesome scribe comes for a monthly pedicure, a "nothing weird, straight-up" pedicure.

Sanitary and honesty is very important there.

There are no circulating foot baths that foster bacterial growth, therefore no foot infections.  Instead sudsy, hot foot baths in stainless steel tubs.  Followed by, a calves and foot massage.  The equipment trimming, scrubbing, and cutting are fresh.  The polished neatly and classically painted on.

Cote has a nail polish library of their own eco-healthy polishes in timeless shades that never go out of style.  So, you'll have your own signature nail polish that's reliable time and time again.

If you want outlandish, elaborated manicures with an hurry...this is not the place for that.

But, if you want wholesome, healthy well-maintained nails in an honest, clean environment where the staff is respected at a reasonable price then, this is the place for you.

Just they're all-natural and fair, this doesn't mean they're bare.  What they lack in flashy, Cote makes it up in comfortable luxury.  They serve you refreshments during the service.  Cote also doubles as an upscale but laid-back home decor and gifts shop.

Cote is a guilt-free treat.

Now, you how Brentwood maintains itself on a regular basis.  No flash, just laid-back luxury.

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