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Real Bras & Lingerie for Real Bodies from Lane Bryant, Eveden, & Jenette Bras.

By Laura Medina

 Jenette Goldstein of Jenette Bras, left.  Sales Associate, right.
Jenette Bras, The Alphabet Starts at the Letter "D."

The public in general have been let down by Victoria's Secret's heavy reliance on photoshopping.  Real women with real bodies have been disappointed in Victoria's Secret's very tiny and severly restricted sizing on bras and panties that they need.

Fed up, women are taking charge of the lingerie industry, from entrepreneurs such as Jenette Bras to brands like Eveden to chain stores, Lane Bryant's Cacique Intimates.

She went from battling "Aliens" to battling the very limiting sizing and fittings in "mall brand bras, Jenette Goldstein took charge.

Disappointed by generalized American bras, Jenette was taken back by the wide range of fit, sizes, and styles she discover shopping in Britain and Europe.

Surprisingly, the gorgeous, sexily constructed lingerie were and are meant for women with curves that are real body parts, not implants.

While researching and learning bra and lingerie construction, Aaron Noble (Jenette's husband) said that women with breast implants don't the support and the lift because the hardness of silicone implants makes the breasts stiff and hard to lift up...and immobile; and most women with implants tend to be on the skinny size, the target market for Victoria's Secret.  Manufacturing and designing bras for undersized women with implants or not isn't much of a thought, less of a challenge...for quicker profits.  Unfortunately, this leaves out women with real bodies and parts out of the margin but it is a very large and very profit margin that is being neglected.

Jenette Bras, Eveden, and Lane Bryant are more than happy to jump in and fill in the gap, while bringing society back to reality, proving real is sensual.

"Corsetry is comparable to shoemaking in the complexity of the product and the finesse required to produce exceptional results. Fine brassieres require more handwork than any other item of standard apparel in order to properly exploit the technical properties of various materials. Modern bras are a remarkable structural achievement. This seems to have become clear around the middle of the twentieth century."


Jenette Bras at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Sawtelle Avenue, at 11300 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90025, is a throwback to the last hurrah in "boudoir boutique," the "Mad Men" era of Late Fifties to Mid-Sixties.  The last era that really designed and engineered bras...

While sitting in the front waiting area, usually meant for men, you might be flipping through a vintage men's magazine when fully-formed breasts on mature women were desired.  Desired so much that a men's magazine went into details on bra engineering...
In the January, 1959 issue of CAPER, a second-string men’s magazine,...
"Says Henry Plehn, president of Peter Pan brassieres and one of the best silhouette engineers in the business, “More engineering time, skill, and effort goes into a brassiere than into a major steel and concrete bridge because of the unique stresses and strains involved. Among the sections to be harmoniously united: cups, stitching, hooks, eyes, wires, straps, gores, bones, bands, trimming and lining. Among the structural materials: cotton, nylon, silk, plush, batiste, rubber, plastic, iron and steel.” 
"In many respects, the challenge of enclosing and supporting a semi-solid mass of variable volume and shape involves a design effort comparable to that of building a bridge or a cantilevered skyscraper."

"Bra designers must solve the problem of providing an uplift against vertical (downward) and sometimes tangential forces. They have borrowed from the design of suspension bridges, supplying vertical supports of wire or bone that are similar to a bridge’s piers. Wire cages for the cups duplicate wire ropes supporting the bridge’s roadway."

 "The object of the designer then is to keep the bosom at a pleasing equilibrium in the face of gravity."

There's a reason why Jenette Bras' slogan, "The Alphabet Starts at the Letter "D," is because they cater to the fully-formed woman, not little girls who need training bras (today's bra industry is aiming on) but fully-formed women who actually need it but educated to spot quality when they see it.

 After wasting her adult years been fitted for "teen-bopper training bras" meant for minus-size zeroes, Jenette Goldstein took matters into her own hands, literally...
"Well, I come from a long line of women who are big on bosom and short on patience. So, enough already. Quality products, expert service, chic store."
"Let’s get the facts straight.  The band size, the measurement tight around your rib cage just under your breasts, is written as a number. The cup size represents the volume of your generous bosom. This is written as a letter. Cup size is relative to band size."

"So, again, being properly fitted is the key to wearing the perfect bra that will make you look and feel gorgeous. Choosing the right bra size and style for you can totally transform your figure. It can put curves back in all the right places, while giving you more comfort and confidence than ever."

This chutzpah spawns a mini-chain of three boutiques that educate and style a legion of die-hard Jenette Bra fans.

Some of the bras that Jenette Bras discovers and sells are so beautifully crafted that some women are wearing them as naughty but hip outerwear.


Eveden Bras isn't a chain store but an umbrella of Wacoal Europe representing the best in bra engineering in fast-forward fashion.

They represent:logo_fantasie.gif  New Freya Logo  New Freya Active

Bo Stanley for Lane Bryant

If you live in Middle America, not Manhattan or Los Angeles, have no fear.  Lane Bryant comes to the rescue with it's sexy Cacique Intimates modeled by the sensual Ashley Greene and swimwear and contemporary wear by ex-pro surfer/athlete and natural model, Bo Stanley.

They prove that curvy isn't only sexy but it is the natural muscle that is fit, healthy, and naturally normal.

Cacique Intimates at Lane Bryant is sexy and naughty as it is reasonably priced.  The bras are not just naughty but functional for challenging eveningwear necklines and straps from halter necks to one-shoulder to strapless.  The lingerie matches the gown and the cocktail dress.

As Jenette Goldstein of Jenette Bras mentioned, we fit the bra to the body, not fit the body to the bra.  That's real empowerment.

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