Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Skin Soothers that Soak Right In.

By Laura Medina

August is one of the worst times for skin (other than the other extreme, January or February).  The "Dog Days of Summer" brings out the bugs, the UV heat, and the sweat...and Back-to-School and fuzzy Fall Fashion is right around the corner.

But, your skin and brain are still in Summer intense.

This scribe has spent the Spring and Summer testing these new slew of skin soothers that are light enough for Summer yet hydrate and calms without choking and clogging pores.

Light-weight enough to actually bring on tactile, cooling relief.

Belli Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator is a spritz for face, chest, and back relief of Vitamin C and grape seed oil for radiant, healthy looking skin. Lightweight for all skin types.  Chamomile calms and relieves the skin.

Since Belli Skincare was originally meant for pregnant women, this busy cancer scribe loves that Belli Skincare can control skin flare-ups while calming them and making this scribe look young and radiant while in pain.  

Thank you, Belli.

This scribe is all about being fair and square...fair and honest...In fact, this scribe has been test-driving Neutrogena's new hyaluronic acid-based line, the simply-named Hydro Boost because that's what hyaluronic acid does, when Neutrogena used their Oscar Viewing Party to debut this innovative line to Hollywood influentials and taste-makers way back in February on Oscar Night.

Long enough to smear this oil-free moisturizing gel all the face, neck, and chest...and a sensitive back to cool, soothe, and refresh...all through the best desert heat of Coachella in Palm Springs to now, the Dog Days of August.  Each and every item within an affordable price, enough to re-stock, "Neutrogena Debuts their new Hyaluronic Acid-based line, Hydra Boost during the Oscars."

For years, hyaluronic acid can be only be found in expensive skincare items that are out-of-reach from those who really needs it, the folks in the Deep South who really need an oil-free skin plumper that drench and attracts and traps in moisture without heavy oils suffocating pores.

Hyaluronic acid attracts and hold moisture while allowing the pores to breathe-aaahhhh....

Thank god for Neutrogena bringing the hyaluronic acid of the gods down to mere mortals who needs it everyday, especially during Summer.   Where were these when this shiny scribe was growing up in Goose Creek/Charleston, South Carolina?

Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Line quenches, (not coat, not clog) dry skin and keeps it looking smooth, supple and hydrated day after day. The unique water gel formula absorbs quickly, like a gel, but has the long-lasting, intense moisturizing power of a cream. It boosts skin's hydration level and locks it in all day.

Naturally found in the skin, hydrating hyaluronic acid acts as a sponge for dry skin cells, moisturizing with up to 1,000 times its weight in water, resulting in more supple and smooth skin. - See more at:

Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Line is hyaluronic acid for the masses at reasonable prices in many a big-boxes and drugstore stores and okay with discounts and coupons. 
hyaluronic acid
hyaluronic acid
hyaluronic acid

It's high-end, effective skincare for real people in real places at real prices.

For those who are not pregnant-okay men and for those who prefer something more all-natural and wholesome, the environmentally and organically-conscienous, here are these alternatives, Sea Buckthorn Lotion and Facial Serum.

Sick of all-natural but weak skincare?  Don't want to compromise ethics for effectiveness?  Don't want to smell like seafood broth?

Don't worry but relieved.  Sea Buck Wonders' Body Lotion and Hydrating Serum are just as good as the above-mentioned brands but they're the all-natural choice to the mass-market and men can use it without stealing them from their significant others.

Again, the Body Lotion and Serum hydrate and cools and calms down burnt skin without being greasy.  These soak right in.  The skin drinks it right up.

It's also a much easier way to get your skin-plumping Omega 3, 6, 9, and the rare Omega-7 for those who hate seafood.

No, you don't have to sallow fish oil to get your skin-nourishing omega oils for radiant, oil-free skin.

Now, you have 3 alternatives, 3 choices of brands to fit your preferences but still get youthful skin while soothing it without clogging pores.  More than aloe vera or yogurt.


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