Monday, August 10, 2015

ABC Family's new Romance-Comedy Sitcom, "Kevin From Work," from the Coming of Age Network.

By Laura Medina

 Noah Reid is "Kevin" from "Kevin From Work."

This scribe has personally witnessed and watched the transformation of ABC Family Network from being purely kids, okay tweens to teens to Young Adults.

With twenty-something Millennial-focused psychological-crime thriller, "Stitchers," and the personal gender-bending "Becoming Us,"  ABC Family is bringing another Young Adult series, light-hearted but still burgeoning office romance-comedy, "Kevin From Work."

Think of "Kevin From Work" as a Millennial "Candide," a comedy of errors dealing in office crushes, wishes, dashed hopes, a creepy boss, and the office politics of unrequited love in the work place.

It's about a young man first dealing with a crush and a romance in inter-generational office dynamics.
Noah Reid plays the lead character, "Kevin" from "Kevin From Work," 

"Kevin" the hapless romantic leading man is played by veteran television actor, Noah Reid.  As a child actor, he voiced the popular Nineties cartoon, "Franklin The Turtle," that his fellow co-stars grew up watching.  How's that for cred?This young leading man came with acting pedigree.

As a teenager, Noah played a psychotic teen in the teen drama, "DeGrassi: The Next Generation."

Now, Noah's role as Kevin is a whole lot lighter and silly but embarrassingly sexy in dealing with office crushes and dashed dreams and how to navigate the ocean of office romance in "Kevin From Work."

The focus of his unrequited affection, the "office crush," is the easy-breezy, cubicle-girl-next-door, "Audrey" by a real-life starlet, Paige Spara.

To reinforce that this is a Millennial/Young-Adult Romance-Comedy, producers animated tweeter birds around Audrey whenever Kevin spots her, showing his romantic perspective of her.

Adding to the Millennial-focus farce is a Baby Boomer woman/cougar boss played by, in smarmy wit, Amy Sedaris.  Her "sex as power" management skills might give her way younger workforce a case of sexual harassment.  

Since this is these Millennials' first corporate job, this Millennial workforce decides to run away and hide in the cramp break room/kitchen whenever their cougar boss, using her sexual prowessness, hunts down her much younger employees for favors, such as babysitting her aging cat.

This is why this is a twenty-something Millennial workplace comedy.  It's all about that bad first, entry-level job to something better.

It is that potential stepping-stone that sent poor Kevin into a tailspin.

At first, Kevin assumed he nabbed a dream job of importing exotic Italian truffle mushrooms from Italy.  Obviously, he did the proper thing: resigned from work, packed and move furniture then told his hunk but lunk personal-trainer roommate/best-friend that he's leaving and had his baby sister take his place in the apartment.

This prompted him to write that love letter to Audrey, declaring his love for her, assured that the Atlantic Ocean and thousands miles away in Italy will buffer him from social humiliation while declaring his love to Audrey...who's already has a boyfriend, an handsome lunk.

Then a last-minute cancellation of his Italian importing job offer sent poor Kevin into a comedy of errors.  It's all about retracting his love letter for Audrey after begging to get his job back from his sleazy boss then tracking down his love letter from the Post Office.

That's what the premiere pilot is all about, Kevin going through set-backs to get his life back to normal after losing his potential job offer.

But, things have changed.  His baby sister pushed him out of his bedroom and forcing Kevin to sleep in the living room.  He set off a chain reaction of events that got him in embarrassing trouble.  He's back to a job that he hates.  He racked up a towing bill.  He got a Millennial cougar chasing him down..;and she's Audrey's room-mate.  What's worse, he never retrieved that love letter; and now Audrey knows he likes her while still attached to her boyfriend.  

It is that moment when it dawns on Audrey that her co-worker had always liked her and how will she deal after learning Kevin's crush on her.

The real deal of this rom-com is the day after....

How will Audrey and Kevin work together, cubicle to cubicle, knowing he likes her but does she shares the same feelings for him?  During the screening question & answer session, a journalist did point a very important question, how much does Kevin actually knows about Audrey...the real Audrey, not the fantasy Audrey.

To find out, you all just have to watch "Kevin From Work," every Wednesday at 8pm, premiering this Wednesday at 8pm on ABC Family.  


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