Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pandora's Summer Crush "Crush" the End of Summer with Jason Derulo & Steve Akoi.

By Laura Medina

Pandora's Summer Crush Festival is for those who never made it to Coachella or can't afford Coachella or used up all their money for Coachella; and Summer Crush was their last chance to celebrate Summer.

Think of Pandora's Summer Crush as the other end of the bookend of Summer music festivals with Coachella as the opposite bookend, igniting the season during Easter/Spring.

Actually, it was safer and cleaner last year's Made In America.  

It was cleaner since L.A. Live hosted the festival.  Corporate sponsorship by Dell, Amazon, L'Oreal; and Chevron setting water pump stations and handing out free water bottles made everything easier under the broiling heat wave.

Speaking of heat wave, the crowd was peaceful because of the heat.  It was very polite of the sponsors to set up picnic benches, lounge beanie bags, sun umbrellas, and water stations under a big tent to prevent heat strokes.  Due to the oppressive heat wave, the crowd was manageable.  A much-needed relief to the organizers and the security.

Since DJ Steve Akoi was the headliner, most just napped during the sweltering afternoon.

Yes, they saved the best for last.

In fact, Jason Derulo was second to last.  He opened for Steve Akoi.  He came on stage at 7:30pm, late enough for sunset and for the temperature to cool down enough to get the crowd hopping, much less move.

People saved up their energy, obviously, for "cake face" DJ Steve Akoi, the man of the hour.  As the cheerleader of Electronic Dance Music, Steve finally got the crowd jumping and hopping and raving.  Yes, raves still do exist but they're called "EDM" now.  The same music that older generations get pumped to at the gym or whatever is their favorite work-out place.

Since the majority of concert-goers are Gen-Y, it's normal and okay with them when Steve threw mounds and mounds of cake into the audience, into their faces, and on top of their heads.

If you're lucky enough to get invited to Pandora's Summer Crush, go.  Sure, for Gen-Xers, the musical acts may skew young but the festival will open your ears to new talents rising up on the horizon.  For Gen-Y, they can catch their favorite acts for free, making it easier on their college wallets.

Thank You Pandora, for closing out Summer.


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