Thursday, August 20, 2015

Monica the Medium, the Everyday Girl Who Talks to Dead People, on ABC Family.

By Laura Medina

Another deep, coming-of-age reality show is premiering on ABC Family on Tuesday, August 25th, "Monica the Medium."

Monica is your average, out-going, bubbly college junior at Penn State University until she senses something close by...

Then, she transforms into the blunt and out-going Monica the Medium.

Since she experienced her first "reading," in high school at a funeral, communicating with her best friend's recently departed mother, Monica is using her talent as a spiritual communicator for good, helping bring resolution and closure so the living can move on in life.

"I only give it to those you need the most, not the ones who want it."

Remember, she's still very young and out-going.  There are times, in the series, where she suddenly blurts out a dead relative of a nearby person, out in the blue.  This makes everyday errands and occasions socially awkward.

Sometimes, her good-hearted reputation reach potential dates then they stood her up on blind dates.

Don't worry, Monica has good friends and roommates to back her up while socially guiding her.  Sometimes, that works.  Sometimes, not.

Picking up a guy isn't easy when Monica feels something then starts discussing intimate matters, having the recently departed using her to communicate living love ones; and the living love ones aren't exactly ready for it.

At the Beverly Hills' Questions and Answers, after the premiere screening, Monica is now under the tutelage of an older medium who helps train her in approaching and setting an appropriate time and day for a reading.

With Monica's sharp insight, the cases of the recently departed will only get deeper and scarier.

But in this reality show, Monica brings happiness and relief to those who need closure and greetings to love ones when they never had the chance.

Think of Monica bringing a second chance to say "good-bye" so both the living and the deal can have closure, and have questions answered to move on.

"Monica the Medium" is a balance between deep and serious to hilarious social awkwardness, trying to navigate as an average girl looking for love and enjoying life then all of a sudden, dead people pop up.

At the questions and answers session, Monica is learning to set guide rules for spirits, let her sleep because using her as a medium is exhausting, and telling them to line up and wait their turn.

"Monica the Medium" is a real life Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

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