Friday, August 14, 2015

CMT's "Party Down South" in Hollywood, where Being a Redneck is in the Heart.

By Laura Medina

Due to the rising populace and the rise in technology, creativity, and medical economy, i.e. "decent jobs," it's interesting to see the rise of the New South, when and where it's proud to be Southern.

Reality TV raises a curious, new spectrum that real, average Southerners fear, Bravo's aristocratic Charlestonian blue-bloods that reinforce the Old Plantation South hierarchy.  At the other end of the Southern spectrum, CMT's average Joe and Jane of "Party Down South."  Yes, they are proud to call themselves "rednecks."  According to them, being a redneck doesn't mean holding onto the past.  Being a redneck (which this scribe is one of them) means being an everyday...yes, down-home, boy and girl next door who enjoys having cold beers and having a good time.  No pretentiousness.  No pomp.  Just down-home what you see is what you get.  They're what Bravo's Southern Charm princes, princesses, and yuppies call "country."  The average people call them, "real."

For their Hollywood premiere party for their fourth season,  the cast did not disappoint.  Daddy was the first one to pop in.  Just like that.  No baby-sitting publicist.  He just casually walk in, like this scribe, then just started to chill and relax with his every-ready beer pong.  He's always ready to party.

As for his entourage, the cast is his entourage.  They slowly arrive, sans army of publicists and stylists.  Like this scribe mentioned before, what you see is what you get.  Them "Party Down South" boys sure remind this scribe of back home in Goose Creek, South Carolina.

Because this is a party thrown for them, in the heart of Hollywood, the cast cannot help but be rowdy and raucous with excitement.  It's the norm and the good fortunate for them to party in the Deep South but for them to party in Hollywood for a promotional tour, this was something else.

Their Questions & Answer session, after watching the premiere episode of Season 4, was a laugh riot.  That poor moderator.  She couldn't get a word in edge-wise because the cast were constantly cracking up, hootering and hollering.   The usually uptight LA media found them to be refreshingly and honestly hilarious.  It was an hoot fest!  It was rough tearing them away from the open bar with free beer, chilled in bottles and all-you-can-drink sodas.

They may be rowdy and racuous but their heart are in a good place; and this where is the real, new South begins...

Mattie Breaux,

Mattie Breaux, the statuesque down-home Cajun beauty, said that being a redneck comes from the heart, not the outside. It's not your looks; it's the inside that counts. Fuck Hollywood.

Yes, they're thrilled as shit to be partying to promote their reality show paying them to party but again, Mattie said this the best, she enjoyed LA, the same way she enjoyed NY, but they're too fast-paced for her.  They're nice places to visit but she's still a Southern girl at heart.

While watching a CMT executive hauling her carry-on, Mattie offered to help her.  Rowdy as they seem, the "Party Down South" cast are sweeter than they appear.

"Party Down South" getting down...and yep, dirty is all about getting and being real, too.  They did not disappoint at the party.  The other guests had an hoot because the cast don't give a shit of what others think.  They just let it rip.  What you see is what you get.   "Party Down South" is not about being disingenuous. They prove effortless, it is all about being genuine.

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