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Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O' Dell, from being a Charleston crime reporter to being a Rusk Haircare fan girl.

By Laura Medina
Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O' Dell making an appearance at Ulta for Rusk.

People may know Nancy O' Dell as the flaxen-haired glamazon anchor of Entertainment Tonight but what people don't know but this scribe did know...Nancy paid her dues being an hard-hitting crime reporter in Charleston, South Carolina which this scribe assumed she'll be when she was promoted to be a crime reporter in Miami.  This was long before Access Hollywood, or Hollywood itself, much less Entertainment Tonight or being Rusk Haircare's spokesperson.

This scribe grew up watching her reporting on crack dealers and addicts in the worst part of town at the worst hours.  So, this scribe can't help but be swelled with pride watching her rising up the ranks to where she is today or last night, Entertainment Tonight host making an appearance at Ulta for Rusk Haircare.

Underneath all that shiny armor of glamor is a toughness, sharpness, and practicality that she learned and earned as a cub tv news reporter in Charleston, South Carolina and which determines everything from interviewing celebrities to directing and editing camera angles when she's profiling a celebrity to right down to her favorite hair products.

"Funny, I feel like I got the best training ever in Charleston, SC because I was relatively new to the news scene. People don’t realized I did hard news for eight years before I started entertainment journalism."

Reflecting back, she saw her trainee years, as a crime reporter,  in a small city like Charleston, as a training ground to build her foundation in television journalism to where she is today as a top-notch entertainment reporter.

In fact, having Nancy talk about her early professional background is great advice for young girls everywhere watching her on TV.  In the same way, her as a young girl growing up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, watching Entertainment Tonight's Mary Hart, thinking that was the coolest job either.

"I remember, growing up, watching Entertainment Tonight in my hometown, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, thinking that would be the coolest job ever to have!  Who would had knew that I would be hosting it someday."

As Charleston's WCBD-TV  cub crime reporter, "It was great training because we did everything, the editing, the writing, the producing.   You know, I would literally do my own camera shooting."

She learned and did all that riding shotgun with Charleston cops chasing down drug dealers and bad guys in the worst part of town in the dark of night, witnessing and documenting every nitty-gritty detail to be broadcasted in a nanosecond for the next morning as WCBD's morning anchor.
"It was great training.  Now, that I understand it more in everybody’s job in what they do.  It helps me be able in being a better reporter for Entertainment Tonight in entertainment where we have all the other people doing it.  I understand their jobs."  

By learning, training, and being a "Jill of all Trades," being her own Director of Photography, Director, and Editor, she can now tell, today, an Entertainment Tonight camera operator when and how to catch and shoot her in a certain angle when she expresses a certain thought and expression to better tell a story.  Nancy O' Dell literally calls the shots.

After building and earning her credentials, this scribe watched Nancy being transferred and promoted to the bigger market of crime reporter.  She talked about how she wound up in Los Angeles as an entertainment reporter.

"But to make the transition, it kinda happened along the way.  Starting in Charleston, which is my favorite city in the entire world, then moved to Miami to do the news there with NBC. It was there that they said they’re starting up this new entertainment program.  That was Access Hollywood.  I did Access Hollywood for thirteen years then I wound up at the crème de la crème, the golden throne of entertainment shows, Entertainment Tonight; and I love every minute of it."
Those eight years as a cub crime reporter was the most exciting and the most formative time in her life, not that she's complaining about her life now, as Entertainment Tonight host and Rusk Haircare Spokesperson.

Working long, grueling hours in the trenches as a crime reporter in both Charleston and Miami taught her the importance in looking polished and using makeup and hair care products that are durable, nourishing, and making her look polished non-stop.

This is why Nancy is a fan girl of Rusk Haircare.  Alright, she's obsessed with it.

Imagine having to make do with whatever is on hand in a small town then hoping it'll last, you can ask this scribe and Nancy about that then discovering the wonderful array of choices and quality that you can only unearth in Hollywood, the land of the top-notch beauty products.  While making do with limited supply and quality of beauty products in a small town, you'll learn to make do and then super-appreciate bountiful top-notch beauty products, all in one big city.

"Literally, from the moment I first set foot in LA, I found out products.  Everybody said “Try the Rusk products.”  I love them and they’re great for TV." 

She's been hooked ever since then.

In the later half of this interview, she constantly mention the demands of constant hair styling to maintain the standards of entertainment reporting and the merits of Rusk Haircare's ability to lock in color to lessen the time committed to highlighting and low-lighting while nourishing and straightening the hair, all awhile on a glamorous but busy and demanding schedule.

She swears how Rusk can meet the demands of being on-air while improving your hair.

She talked about the brand and the products so much that the president of Rusk approached her to their spokesperson..."why not be the official spokesperson?  So, I said I would love to because I use all their products anyway!"

RUSK® W8less™ Strong Hold Shaping and Control Hairspray

After being on-air for years, having her tresses messed with, Nancy knows the importance of good but tough haircare,..
“It was a natural partnership.  I mentioned in a magazine that Rusk as my favorite product.   Rusk’s Weightless Hairspray because I have to get my hair styled so much.  You know, being constantly styled through-out the day.  I may be styled then later, I may be styled again.  Rusk W8Less Hairspray doesn’t weight it down but it has incredible hold." 

Now, as Rusk's official spokesperson, Nancy is also their official "guinea pig" testing out the newest and the latest in Rusk Haircare while on-air.  After gladly testing them out on-air and hours of prepping and editing,  these are the products Nancy vouches for...

 "I love the new Styling Line that they have."  

RUSK® Freezing Spray (Humidity-Resistant Hairspray,

"They have this anti-humidity hairspray, (RUSK® Freezing Spray, (Humidity-Resistant Hairspray) which is great because no matter where you live, whether it’s California when it’s humid, especially in the South where I grew up, the anti-humidity hairspray keeps it fresh.  The great thing about it also holds in the color.  The ingredients in the hairspray actually locks in the color so you don’t have to constantly get your hair highlighted or low-lighted as often because it holds in the color.  That’s my new favorite product but, I can go on and on."  


RUSK® Deepshine® Oil Protective Oil Treatment,

"If you have dry hair, I am obsessed with the Deep Shine Moisturizer.  I would put it in when my hair is wet.  Before, if I just put it in, my hair would be like straw because it’s styled so much.  When I put it in (when wet), my hair is soft, manageable, and pliable (afterwards).  Again, it helps to keep the color in, keeps it moisturizing."

That’s the great thing about Rusk.  They also look into the health of your hair, not only to style it but also to help.  

She hasn’t forgotten her roots!



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