Monday, August 11, 2014

LuckyRiceLA Thrice, Third Time in a Row...

By Laura Medina

This is the third year in a row this scribe has covered Lucky Rice LA.  This Asian foodie festival has steadily grew from the loading zone of H.D. Buttercup Furniture Store to the confines of the Book Bindery, both in Culver City to the more spacious environs of Create Nightclub on Hollywood Boulevard.

Sure, the seafood was the main fare in the outdoor central courtyard, the main nightclub, and the side bar but the two stand-outs were Barbecue Beef Ribs by Seoul Sausage and Parks BBQ.

Seoul Sausage's Korean Spicy BBQ Ribs with Sweet Corn Cheese was candy-glazed beef.

The Parks BBQ Boneless Short Ribs wrapped with Radish and Rice Paper was succulent tidbit.

The stand-outs at this year's Lucky Rice LA festival were dessert, dessert!!

Yes, there was a lot of sticky rice and someone has to do something with it.

Komodo did their version of rice pudding by whipping up Coconut infused Sticky Rice with Jackfruit and Brown Sugar.

Michael's Santa Monica did their take with their Honeydew Sago with Coconut and Sesame Crisp.

People are curious about shaved ice which was transformed into Fluff Ice in Lavender Milk Tea Fluff with Honey.

This scrumptious scribe's fave was BEP Vietnamese Kitchen's Lime Coconut Ice Sandwich with Sesame Butter Cookie.  The new ice cream sandwich!

Among the sea of Bombay Sapphire East Gin cocktails, Big Bar's POP-CYCLES, adult frozen popsicle sticks infused with St. Germain Pastis in Lemon and Beet juice.  This refresher won this cocktail chic chick.  

This scribe wishes for more frozen adult treats during the dog days of Summer.

Lucky Rice LA is more than celebrating the best of Asian Cuisine in Los Angeles.  It highlights what's new and evolving in the food world, where trends happen.

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