Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet Caleb Johnson, American Idol's winner.

By Laura Medina

Caleb Johnson, American Idol's latest winner.
YouTube Interview,

On one of his stops,  Caleb Johnson performed a set from his newest album, "Testify" at the Santa Monica Place Mall, one of seven "American Idol" stops rounding out the Summer.

He took a breather after the set to talk about his influence and embarking on the "American Idol" Tour, promoting his album "Testify" as an Interscope artist, and experiencing his career taking off.

On how he feels about being the second or the third-generation to carry the Country-Rock-Blues, ignited by Greg Allman,...

"That’s what I like about the beauty of music. In art, you’re constantly influence by other things.  Artists are always influenced by other artists.  You know, it’s gets being passed on.  I’m influenced by what you just said, Greg Allman, rock n’ roll, soul, gospel, blues, country, heavy  metal, all kinds of different stuff.  When you take it in, you put something out, a mix of all that stuff.  So yeah, I love all that stuff."

As an East Coast boy, isn't how he imagine Los Angeles to be...

"It’s cool. I mean, like now, going nationwide!  I’m doing stuff over here but my home state is North Carolina.  It’s this really cool back-&-forth kinda thing where I’m doing stuff over here then I’ll do stuff back home.  It’s gonna be all-across the board, you know."

On anticipating that rollercoast ride as an American Idol winner and artist...

"I’m gonna get ready for that ride, that rollercoaster."

He's realistic and modest...

"What’s happening right now is that I’m doing the Idol Tour.  So, we got seven shows left.   Once that’s done, we’re doing a small Fall/Winter just kinda keep pushing the record then really gear up for a big Summer Tour, maybe opening for a band.  I don’t know what’s gonna happen.  That’s the main series of events.    

Whenever he's in your hometown, say "hello" to Caleb Johnson and check out his latest release, "Testify" by Interscope Records.

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