Friday, August 8, 2014

The Indigos Making Their Formal L.A. Debut

By Laura Medina

The Indigos, Carson May & Amber Amanda,

As a formal coming-out, Oklahoma indie-folk duo, "The Indigos," Amber Amanda and Carson May made their Hollywood debut at their album release party, "The Other Side."

It wasn't just a formal debut for their music but also for Amber's fashion design talent and skills.

Appropriately, they wore formal attire in the aptly named, indigo.

For Carson, Amber designed him an indigo velvet tuxedo blazer with black lapel, tailored along the princess line for a contoured, not tight, fit.

For herself, Amber crafted an indigo evening gown with gold filigree and black lace bodice.

This style-tracking scribe was in awe of her craftsmanship and musical talent.

Andrea Fletcher of MTV's

The Indigos are joined by other emerging talent.

Andrea Fletcher, of "Adventures with Angie" and MTV's "Catfish: Untold Stories Special, starring as Erin, couldn't wait to emcee The Indigos' album release concert/party.
 Spencer Owens, Salve Inc.'s spokeperson & the products he uses.

The new spokesperson for Salve Skincare, Spencer Owens also showed up for the performance.

He uses Salve Skincare's Breathe Deeply - Emergency Salve and Intense Moisture Body Cream,

Once they commenced their set, the audience were swooned by Amber's surprisingly wise and insightful songwriting reflecting on relationships gone wrong and starting over, in an intimate setting at Muse at 8th Cafe.

The mature and sly lyrics were set against the singular and crystal-clear guitar-playing by Carson, belying their youth.  No showboating here,  Carson's solo guitar was there to highlight Amber's contemplative musings.

The Indigos are a mellow but refreshingly rich alternative to their mainstream dance-pop peers.

When their dance-pop peers fizzle out like steal soda, The Indigos will be around longer, maturing like fine wine, meant to be enjoyed for a long time.

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