Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pacifica's Brand New Makeup & Skincare Debuting at "Gen Beauty" then launching in 2 to 3 Weeks

By Laura Medina

Spotted at Michelle Phan's/F.A.W.N.'s "Gen Beauty" techno-beauty expo...Pacifica's brand new makeup and skincare line.

Yes, yes...there other makeup lines debuting their newest and latest cutting-edge makeup, skincare, and haircare but Pacifica is branching into new territories.

This all-natural perfume line is growing onto accompanying and equally all-natural cosmetics and skincare for their all-natural fan base.

What's even better, Pacifica is starting to be sold at Target at reasonable price points, making the whole all-natural brand available within reach for the all-natural, girl-next-door.

Brook Harvey-Taylor for the longest time hold out from being retailed at Target until she realizes that her all-natural fan base live away from the big cities and need Target's quality and reasonable-priced selections to meet their consciousness needs.

Ever since she made that move, she was glad she did.  Pacifica is Target's exclusively all-natural line that's being exposed to a wider range of shoppers.

The new cosmetic and skincare collections are coconut water-based.

Irritated that the run-of-the mill handiwipes smell "medicinal," Pacifica's new Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes smell just like their yummy perfumes.  This is especially convenient after chowing down on spicy, soupy crawdads at a food truck festival.  At $6 a pack, you can easily stash one in the car, the purse, the gym bag, the carry-on, and so on.

At the "Gen Beauty" expo, the lucky attendees got the chance to try out Pacifica's new

Sure the technology may be high-tech but it's needed to pack in the all-natural ingredients of peptides, high potency antioxidants, floral stem cells and advanced natural extracts come together in our exclusive superpower Fleuracell Complex® 

Brook Harvey-Taylor, "This is my favorite cream.  I have been working on this combination of ingredients for years and as a perfumer, I love that flowers have benefits far beyond smelling good, they actually can change and improve your skin."

This anti-aging, everyday natural moisturizer help supports collagen, promotes a lifting effect, minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and deeply moisturize and protect...making this a great day and night face cream for surfers.  The fact that surfers can drop into Target and pick up a pump at $20 to slather on whenever and wherever is a good idea.

What's really cool, not only are the new cosmetic line is infused with coconut water, her new Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples, a palette of 3 pearly shades of Bronzed, a perfectly glowing sun-kissed color with golden shimmer shadow; Island Rose, a shimmering, radiant dewy pink shadow; and Moonlit, an iridescent pale shades of moon-kissed shimmer can be used as lip color, blush, and eye shadow.  You'll get your money's worth out of this $14 palette.

You can use Bronzed in the creases of your eyelids for depth and obviously as a bronzer to sculpture your face.  Island Rose is great for the eyelids and as a blush and lipcolor.  Moonlit is a highlighter for the brow bone and the cheekbones and center of the lips. 

Brook, "I love using the Moonlit as liner under my eyes as well as a highlighter on my cheeks.  It gives my face a natural radiance in an instant."

Pacifica's Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples () Great Face Value Collection (
are "Boho Chic" for the roving "Gypset," jet-setting gypsies who need a complete makeup and wash set that can neatly be stashed into a ruck sack and can be easily bought when they can drop by at any Target without dropping a lot of cash.

Pacifica's new line will drop in two to three weeks at Target.

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