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Lance Bass hosting the Liberty Awards; 2 Weeks before the Supreme Court's Decision on Marriage Equality

By Laura Medina

On being asked to host LAMBDA's Liberty Awards (the West Coast edition), Lance Bass took this as an honor and a step forward in long journey...

"Before I came out and while in 'N Sync, only my family and my closest friend knew.  For me to be a host for the Liberty Awards means I want to be a good role model."

This is how the gay and straight guests and winners feel about attending and being honored at LAMBDA's Liberty Awards, celebrating the social progress that the gay community had made while spotlighting the continuing needs for civil rights and equality for the gay, lesbian, and transgender community.

It was also a rare night when today's young gay stars can meet their gay role models growing up.  Lance was psyched to meet his gay role model growing up, Greg Louganis..

Watch Greg Louganis' interview on

To be at the Liberty Awards...

"I think it's a really great opportunity to let our voices to be heard and to recognize some people who are doing wonderful things in the world."

Greg's thoughts on being at Whole Foods Grammy Party then the Liberty Awards, regarding environmentalism and gay rights, "It's all inter-related.  Whether it be the environment, whether it be the sustainability, whether it be equality, it's all about humanity and survival and love."

On overall progress, the gay right movements to just diving, "Everything evolves.  It's all about constant motion.  I think I kinda started people on that path, doing the back 3 1/2, the reserve 3 1/2 and all that sort of thing but it just continue on; and it's great seeing all these young kids doing what they're doing.  Better to witness it than perform it."        

Watch Rex Lee's interview on

Rex Lee (of Entourage & Suburgatory), "I'm really excited.  I'm proud of the progress that we made.  I think there is more to be done.  We shouldn't be resting on our laurels.  Of course, I'm thrilled that we of the efforts that we tried to make." 

On the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage equality in two weeks,..

"I'm sort of on pins and needles about it.  Obviously, I wanted the decision to go a certain way; and I hope it does.  If it doesn't, it will sort of a disappointment, hanging tight and seeing what happens." 

 Grant Bowler's interview

"Liz & Dick" and SyFy's "Defiance" Grant Bowler sits on LAMBDA Liberty Awards' Honorary Committee.

On being at the Liberty Awards, as an Australian actor, as the Marriage Equality Decision will come will down in two weeks in American,..

"The thing, in the United States, it's unique around the world.  It's a big pendulum that swings very slowly.  Whether it be two weeks, two months, two years, the thing about this country is that the will of the people will always prevail."  

Watch Grant Show's take on the decision on

Grant Show (of the original "Melrose Place) on attending the Liberty Awards, "I'm proud to be here.  I'm glad to be here, shows how many of us support the rights of our fellow citizens."

On the Supreme Court decision, "The Supreme Court doesn't give a rat's ass about what I have to say about the decision.  What I do think is that as more of us stand up as individuals, stand on the side of right.  Eventually, it will go through; and it's gonna go through.  It's gonna.  How long it's gonna take?  The more we gang on the side of right, it will happen."

No wonder this scribe had a crush on Jake Hanson a.k.a. Grant Show.  Grant is no-b.s. and a deep and honest straight-shooter.

To hear Prince Poppycock's take,

Being at the Liberty Awards as John Quale (an astute son of a Washington, D.C. lawyer), Prince Poppycock's alter-ego gave an heart-felt explanation on why he's honored to be here,..

"I'm excited.  I'm often not get invited to events like this so I'm very pleased because I am very vocal about being an openly gay man; and on my time on television, I never hidden anything.  I think it is a testimony to how far America has come but concerning how far I came in the competition (America Got Talent), I felt it was never used against me in that time.  Since I've been on that show and my time in Hollywood, I had a lot of meetings.  I faced a lot of discrimination for perhaps for being too visible gay in my career and in my art.  For me, it means perhaps, one day...we'll have more events like this.  One day, it means a twelve year-old will not be stuck home, watching the Talking Heads on tv, debate his right to even exist; and it breaks my heart.  So many kids out there have thoughts of suicide, do harm because of who they are is a national debate and that's not fair to any kid growing up.  We need to move past this as a non-issue.  Just let them be who they are." 

 Dan Bucatinsky's passionate partcipation in the Liberty Awards,

"Scandal" Dan Bucatinsky on being a presenter at the Liberty Awards,..

"I am thrilled to here!  I am thrilled to be here to support the LAMBDA Legal, being able to present a Liberty Award.  The whole organization is so important; and I feel honored.  I also feel it's a very personal thing for me.  As a gay man, as a married man, as a man with two children, any kind of support that I can give to an organization that is fighting for my own freedom is okay by me!"  
Jai Rodriguez at

On his progression from "Queer Eye at the Straight Guy" to last night's Liberty Awards,..

"Ten years has passed by.  So, since Queer Eye ten year anniversary this year... it was only on the air for three years...For me, my career started as an actor on Broadway.  I'm so happy to return to my roots.  On series (ABC's Malibu Country), it's a wonderful thing.  But, being an entertainer encompasses all of it where it was all so entertaining and to be part of an all-gay cast on network television-ever-it was a really exceptional experience.  It's nice to know it lives on in Netflick for all you who missed it. It was really fun."

On the impending Marriage Equality decision,...

"There are a lot of very important things on the table right now.  Organizations like LAMBDA Legal that have been around for forty years this year.  It is the longest running LGBT organizations at the time when it wasn't popular, standing up for our rights.  You really have to give this organization credit, not just for their work on marriage equality but for bullying, supporting the HIV-AIDS Community and making sure they have equal rights.  They really have the community's back and that's really special."  

On thinking about being at the Liberty Awards,..

"Twelve years ago, I was just a gay baby.  I didn't know we had full rights.  I didn't even have my first real boyfriend yet."

How far you came Jai.

 Wilson Cruz interview,

"My So-Called Life" Wilson Cruz is more optimistic about the Marriage Equality decision,..

"It can less than two weeks.  We've been given a few dates.  It could come down today, today.  I feel like the closer we get to the end of the month when San Francisco's, New York's LGBT Pride Weeks happen, the better the news is.  I was relieved that the news did not come down today.  It's incredible.  I call them "revolutionary times;" and it's all about everyone rolling up their sleeves and pants and working together.  That's all there is."  

Yes, Hollywood's rising gay stars...most of them...had shown up in full force in support for LAMBDA and the effort in advancing their causes and achieving their rights.

However, during the awards dinner of stuffed chicken breast and truffle risotto, the LAMBDA attorneys reminded folks the fight ain't over.  There are many battles to battle until the playing field is on an equal footing for everyone.

It'll be interesting to interview these men again, a year later, when the Supreme Court does make its decision.



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