Thursday, June 6, 2013

Noveau Prep...Pushing Forward & Onward

By Laura Medina

Regardless if you're an All-American preppy, a sexier "Bon Chic Bon Genre," or the original prepster, a British Sloane Ranger, every cultural subset of a species either continue to evolve with the times or be stagnant and die.  

A caricature (or a "cartoon" in layman's terms) is the extreme of  a living being too perfectly in-tuned at a set moment of time that it fails to adopt to the whims of Mother Nature, uhm like the dinosaurs.

Any at-tuned prepster knows better than be a dinosaur.

Most rather live to see the next day and be appropriate for whatever occasion pops up on a spur of the moment than be out of place and die from social embarrassment.

Welcome to the new American Preppy, better-educated, better traveled, and more adaptable to whatever surroundings, climates, environs,...beach, island resorts, and parties.  Shoot, it's Summer and most of them are pondering about the street & shop-to-sea & sand-then back again to evening soirees.

Tory Burch is the prime example of this next step-up in evolution.  Great Britain's Sloane Rangers (Kate Middleton is a great example) is also a good example.

Banana Republic's current collaboration with Milly is doing just that, outfitting today prepster with resort-worthy cool and cute halter tops in crisp cotton and sweat-breathable silk, and

Today's prepster has traded-in the not-so-friendly heavy and choking pique cotton polo shirt for the more Summer-y appropriate Moroccansque banded collar tunic,

The navy blue dress shirt with pink piping, "Milly Collection Piped Shirt," transitions well into Fall with a good, solid blazer.

Regardless of nationality, a good prepster can spot a good wardrobe investment a mile away.

Another evolution of Preppism comes from "Charleston-Gone-Global" stylist/"Lucky" contributor, Andrea Serrano, and Charleston-based brand, Troubadour,

What and why this scribe selected Andrea Serrano to this scribe's hometown Charleston-style ambassador?  With 17  industry-heavy years working in Miami as a style intern for MTV Miami to Manhattan as a stylist for Victoria's Secret to Blender Magazine to settling down roots in Charleston, South Carolina to be Lifetime's Costume Shopper for "Army Wives" while raising her family,  Andrea has soaked up an unique and intriguing blend of Latin American Miami, urbane Manhattan, and the Southern Sweet Preppism of Charleston to make Charleston Style translatable nationwide and global.

Similar things can be said of Troubadour, a Southern laid-back style with roots in New York's hard-core fashion industry, such as  J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler's Madewell 1937.  

With the sad passing of the long-storied Lilly Pultizer, someone has to pick up the torch for fun-loving, resort-soaking, globe-trotting preppy wear.

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