Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Behind the Scenes with DSW Shoes Fall TV Ad & a Top Secret Shoe Event

 By Laura Medina

It's a wrap! DSW Shoes executives & Marcia Cross.

As much as they try, most Los Angeles-based fashion designers and brands can't snag airy studio space for their shows and events because they always get bumped off by the more important and essential television series, game/talk shows, and movies feeding the studios.

However, if they're DSW Shoes and they need a space to shoot their prime-time television commercial for their new, upcoming Fall 2013 Campaign...shoot, Sony Studios gave them a spot on the lot...for a few days and nights.

Truth be told, the top secret shoe event, the day after the last shoot, was a television advertisement wrap party.  

Instead of just tossing away the dream shoe closet set and those awesome shoes away in the trash (that will hit their stores in August), why not throw a wrap party?

The guests, such as Marcia Cross (“Desperate Housewives”) and Claire Holt (“The Vampire Diaries”), helped clear out the props of fresh Fall footwear of pumps, boots, and sneaker wedges.

Sprinkles catered the shoe-decorated cupcakes.  Drybar freshened up the stresses.  Since they're here any why, Spa On Location rubbed out the knots out of the guests' bodies.  Kleur painted nail art.  Each service made good use of the livingroom/bedroom and the walked-in shoe closet sets.  Guests helped clear out the shoe props.

It was a best of both worlds.  DSW Shoes had their guests helped carry away the extra props of shoes.  The guests walked away with their pick of shoes.  The elegant black-and-white set was extended just for one more day.

Nothing was wasted away.

Now, only if Sony Studios had a fashion and makeup tv commerical shoot...Just a thought.

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