Thursday, June 20, 2013

J. Lo's Chic is Easier...and Friendlier Than You Think and It Had All of Hollywood Awwwing.

By Laura Medina

Yes, running around town at all hours, night and day, can be an exhausting endeavor.

What makes it even more exhausting...trying to find that ultimate get-up that can carry from media elegant breakfast to lovely luncheon to all-out glam slam at night without skipping a beat.

Who are we kidding?  This "driving-back and forth-from home to work to event" just to change 3 times a day to be socially appropriate, while cutting through traffic, is not going to cut it.

To save time, gas, and money, Jennifer Lopez (one heck of an ultimate multi-tasking business woman) has come up with a solution, the timeless sleek and slimming Solid Wide-Leg Jumpsuit,  Her Solid Wide-Leg Jumpsuit gives you, your time, money, and wardrobe mileage.

Well-tailored to give it shape in a figure-friendly polyester/spandex stretch jersey construction, Jennifer Lopez Solid Wide-Leg Jumpsuit is easy to get in and get out, thanks to the elastic waistband for a custom fit and the easy to reach 2-snap back keyhole closure...and again, the stretch but snap-back-to-it polyester/spandex stretch jersey.

Since Jennifer Lopez designed easy chic pieces for curvy women on-the-go like herself, the 32-in. inseam wide-leg, cut from hip to hem, balances your proportions.

 For women who want extra mileage out of their wardrobe,  her wide-leg jumpsuit is very travel-friendly.

The crewneck collar has a gold-toned necklace already sewn-in and the polyester/spandex fabric makes it to travel anywhere.  You can roll it up in a ball, when called for a last-minute trip, tossed it in your carry-on, zip through TSA, unroll it wrinkle-free and you're ready to roll with the necklace already sewn-in. 

Because of the polyester/spandex black jersey, it's really easy to care for as long you as hand wash it, wash it in gentle cycle with a gentle fabric cleanser or dry clean it.

If you want a more "serious" appearance during the day, just toss on a blazer over it so you can toss it away for a cocktail party at night.

This scribe has test-driven J. Lo's Wide-Leg Jumpsuit from a DSW Shoe Event for lunch then drove it straight to an evening's red carpet, interviewing celebrities.

Let this hurried scribe tell you this...Jennifer Lopez' Wide-Leg Jumpsuit did not fail.

"Desperate Housewive" Marcia Cross ooohed and awwwed over this simply sleek and elegant jumpsuit.  Imagine her face when this scribe told her it's a Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's.

Lance Bass to Greg Louganis and a whole range of gay celebrities were impressed by this same Jennifer Lopez simple chic Wide-Leg Jumpsuit.

Jennifer Lopez's Wide-Leg Jumpsuit had all of Hollywood ooohing and awwwing,

Her jumpsuit can jump-start your day then power you through the night like a high-powered, low-maintenance diva that you are.

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