Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sugar-Coated Winter

By Laura Medina

Crystal-encrusted Rodarte Fall 2010

I am certain many of my readers are whining about the below-average cold and cussing beyond reason regarding the blizzard (this writer included).

However, snow crystals do have inherent beauty of their own that no human can duplicate. No snow flake is alike.

Fitting then, that with the blizzard, New York Fashion Week designers decided to be gracious about the situation and take it in stride. Using the snow as inspiration and a reason to indulge, the fashion industry's top influential designers incorporated Swarovski diamante and starry crystal pearls to showcase the elegant feminity of Winter, finding beauty in the adversity of a harsh climate.

Nobody exemplify Winter Wonderland than the sisters of Rodarte. Creamy white coated in crystals in floaty satin and chiffon...

“Fall 2010 explores the idea of sleepwalking. The idea of a dream state, or in-between state,
guided the development of the collection. Swarovski crystal is used to help illuminate the
collection by creating dappled moonlight throughout the show.”
- Kate and Laura Mulleavy, Rodarte

Phillip Lim's candy-colored confections rolled in sugary crystals.

“For Fall, I was thinking about the tension between Disco and Punk, and a woman who is classic but has a penchant for Baroque adornment. We’ve used shades like ‘Jonquil’ and ‘Dorado’ in very modern insets and collars where the sparkle is veiled in chiffon. Swarovski’s modern approach to creating crystals in the most inspiring colors and shapes was the starting point to enhancing the idea of elegant rebellion in a youthful and unexpected way.” - Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection marks the designer’s second collaboration with Swarovski.

Peter Som's Sugar Plum Fall 2010 Collection

Let's admit it, fake or real, you need shearling and fur to keep you warm. Peter Som rolled out his plummy collection in shearling then iced it in frosty shades of purple then sprinkled crystals on top of them. A more tasteful way to celebrate the holidays other than the typical garish colors of red, green, and white...

"Working with Swarovski is always a thrill - The opportunity to incorporate Swarovski
Crystallized Elements into the collection brings a heightened level of shimmer
that only Swarovski cvan do." - Peter Som

Fall/Winter 2010 marks Peter Som's fourth collaboration with Swarovski.

Alexander Wang nocturnal collection

Up in the northern hemisphere, particularly in the Nordic countries, it's 24/7 nocturnal darkness.

Alexander Wang dipped his collection in inky black then using crystals to subtly play up the trompe l'oeil by slyly winking at crystals...

“Swarovski crystal pearls are taken out of their ‘ladylike’ context, and are transformed into graphic patterns and bold accessories.”
- Alexander Wang

Bling-bling maybe passe but it evolves into something much subdued and softer.

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