Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brian Reyes debuts his Fall 2010 Collection on "Ugly Betty" tomorrow night!

By Laura Medina

A scene from tomorrow night's show
More spoiler alert-and this is only getting better! This mere photograph says it all-what Wednesday night's plotline will be.
Brian is using this episode to officially debut his newest and latest Fall 2010 Collection, one week before officially showing at New York Fashion Week. This shows how much he and his fans love the tv series; and "Ugly Betty" returns the love.
This writer's (and an "Ugly Betty" fan) deductive hunch senses that our heroine and guest star have saved the day during fashion week.
This above photo displayed an impromptu fashion show where Betty organizes the Brian Reyes' show at the Queens restaurant during dinner, rescuing the day in the last minute. Witness the convenience of Brian (America Ferrera's real-life buddy) munching on his meal, in front row (just like the very last Betty Johnson show but with blooming onions instead of frosted cupcakes) as his models sashay down the aisle-turned-runway among diners.
This episode is very important. Why? That dress and those clothes are the same garments will appear in this arriving New York Fall 2010 Fashion Week, one to two weeks away.
This show beats fashion week in one week and brings Brian's newest and latest collection to you the viewer and the masses, a week in advance.

Keep your eyes out for that blooming onion

If you can't travel to the impending New York Fashion Week and want to know what's going to be hot for Fall 2010, watch tomorrow night's "Ugly Betty" with Brian Reyes and think: chic but sassy cocktail wear in earthy tones in satin, ostrich feathers (fake ones preferably), and blooming onions.


Erin said...

Wow, I cannot wait to see this episode and the FW 2010 designs. Brian's clothes are so beautiful and modern.

Britt said...

I didn't know it was going to be a sneak peek of Brian's fall line! Now I'm super excited! He designs such beautiful clothes and I can't wait to see them!

Raenard said...

Whoa!! I can't believe we get a sneak peak of Brian's Fall collection. I thought I'd have to wait until Fashion Week! I'm beyond excited!!

Juliecha* said...

great marketing strategy + modern sophisticated designs + Ugly Betty = Amazing! Cannot wait get a sneak peak of Brian Reyes' '10 Collection!

Christina said...

Now that I know this is a sneak peek of Brian's line I CANNOT wait. I've been waiting months to see his line at fashion week. Hallelujah Betty for sparing me a week of twiddling fingers!